The ancients weren't stupid. They knew what they were doing. They were in tune with themselves and had nothing to rely on but nature and the environment that surrounded them. They were nothing like today's generation that is complete reliat upon technological gismos to simply live their lives. Consider the following. You wake up in the morning by an alarm clock. You switch on the light walk into the bathroom, turn on the shower, and bathe yourself. Afterwards, you nuke yourself a bowl of oatmeal. Our ancestors had none of these extravagant amenities. In fact, they had zero of the ones listed above. If they wanted to know the cycles to life, they had to rely on their surroundings. All throughout history megaliths and monuments have been built as a tribute to different societies of the world. They are systematic guidelines of the ancients who were in tune with the solar system and had mapped out the stars with a precision that has been unparalleled since they accomplished it-- before all our technocrap was even a viable option. Good examples include Stonehenge, the Sphinx, The Great Pyramids of Giza, the Maltese Megaliths, the Nazca Lines, Myan Temples, Temples of the Orient, among others. All of these monuments confer, in some way shape or form, with the solar system and a stellar map of existence that is the blueprint for life; and the ancients were just as in tune with eachother as they were with themselves. You can call it a stellar phenomenon if you'd like, but the ancient wisemen were connected by a stellar blueprint by which all life exists somewhere along the space/time continuum. In this manner, all the star map megaliths and monuments work together to liven the Earth and keep evertyhing steady and balanced, as far as human existence in concerned. This item holds the powers of many of the greatest megaliths and monuments in the world, including the ones discussed abover and more. It took Deedee years and years to make this item, because of the detail it entails. It holds Earth's stellar map of existence. When you summon this power you will able to open what are known as Star Conduits. Through these conduits, you can enter all alternative forms of existence. These alternate, dual, intermodal, higher-form, lower-form, dark, light, physical, esoteric, spiritual, interspatial, and all other forms of existence. Each form of existence is represented by a Star Conduit, which is essentially a gate between our form of existence and another. You can use this piece for many reasons-- reconnaisance, acquisition of powers, transformations, astral travels, and more!! This piece is very enlightening and very powerful. Jason used this piece to travel to one of his parallel existences, where he existed as the King of England. He said it was a very riveting experience and that he would recommend to to anyone! THIS RING IS A SIZE 10 AND IN STERLING SILVER. THERE IS ALSO A PENDANT THAT LOOKS THE EXACT SAME BUT IS NOT SHOWN HERE. THIS IS VERY BEAUTIFUL AND ONE OF THE REASONS I PICKED IT OUT WAS THAT I LOVED THE MAIN STONE.
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