Human existence dictates that we are all attempting to live a life in which we can seek happiness and joy.  Sometimes life hands us obstacles.  Getting past these obstacles and clearing these blocks is fundamental in being able to obtain true happiness. Then, there are those things in life that we want but we can't necessarily attain.  These are those things that are necessary to existence, but those things that we like to enjoy and can increase our happiness, otherwise increasing our overall success in life, increasing the quality of our afterlife.  This is precisely why we have created this piece, in an attempt to give you the essentials to restore your soul so that way you can maintain happiness.  We've also given you the total package that goes the extra mile, so that way you can be extra happy in life!! 

Here's the thing.  The Renaissance was a period when the focus of life was merely enlightenment.  The focus was on enlightenment in all areas not just one or the other.  The time period has spawned a lot of famous composers, artists, poets, novelists, it boasts a time of high fashion, etc.  People just wanted to live and live happily.  This resulted in an explosion of culture and advancement.  During this advancement magic flourished as well.  Sometimes this magic had to be kept secret, because religion was the dominant law in those days and religion dictated that magic was a no-no.  Thus, most enlightened individuals hid secret meanings in their works of arts.  One of the most powerful forms of magic comes from the magic that has been locked into the stars.  It seems ironic, considering that magic in the stars has been placed there by the Gods, however the church wants no one to practice this magic?  Seems like a contradiction as least, probably something more like a conspiracy to hog all the magic for themselves. 

Either way, this piece is a summoning of astral powers that have been locked in the stars.  The power in this piece was made by an immortal Renaissance mage who simply goes by the Renaissance Man.  His magic flourished during the Renaissance in secret temples that those who knew about them called Temples of the Stars.  These underground temples were the Holy places where people who were in-tune with magic and who wanted to grow in their magic would go to gain powers.  The Renaissance Man has seen a very long age of time.  He is very powerful and has summoned the astrological base into this piece, also known as the fixed stars of power.  Below are the stars that this piece will allow you to summon for their power. 

Alkaid-- this star provides spiritual and physical protection
Algol-- this star provides protection and reversal of evil
Pleiades-- this is a fixed star cluster that you can summon for magical power & knowledge including kabbalah, gnosticism, and alchemy
Procyon-- protection against witchcraft and curses, this star will intercept all dark and negative energy to send it back to the sender
Regulus-- this star provides happiness and success in the form of pure white light cleansing of the soul, the aura, and your karma
Spica-- prosperity and good fortune; this is the star you summon when you want to bring extreme wealth
Vega--  protection against witchcraft and curses; because one simply isn't enough, there are two protection stars that way you are constantly covered

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