This piece holds a powerful energetic blend of infused powers that magnetize and supercharge your innate inner powers of sexual magnetism and attraction.

You will appear, become, and most importantly feel more confident and sexually attractive as your energy and aura build, creating a powerful magnetic draw to create a strong subliminal, subconscious power of attraction~!

Your aura will trigger impulsive responses that will find those around you enthralled by your powerful sexual aura. They will be drawn to your new erotically charged incandescent sexual aura.... like moths to a flame!

You will begin to notice more looks and glances, 'flirty' smiles, friendly greetings, even out right approaches as you go about your daily life. Get more attention and better service from service workers and sales clerks!

How you use your new found sexual magnetism is totally up to you! Just take advantage of the situations as they arise! Act on what is offered! Don't be shy! Get ready for your days, and nights to HEAT UP~!

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