This unisex piece should be owned by those who wish to possess the unwavering and everlasting credence of the sexual spiritual side - which is always with us~!

Wherever we go...whatever we do, there is continually the sexual spiritual side of our being, there with us, always. All things that come to pass, in some way, are touched by the divine. This particular talisman focuses and attracts the sexual spiritual energies into our real, everyday lives. Similar to a "lens" drawing the sunlight to a strong point of energy, this talisman carries this energy to whoever is the keeper of its properties. It could be you.

Content sexual energy is one of the most elemental parts of an individual's essence. Many have not experienced the quantity of sexual partners that they desire. The keeper of this ring will have the vital force, the vital power to manifest into actuality a sexual encounter, or countless, with any individual that they prefer. As the keeper of this intriguing ring, you shall embrace the power to command anyone for sexual gain. Heterosexual, bi-sexual, or homosexual experiences...what ever you desire. There is no limit!

The lucky recipient who takes possession of this ring shall be uniquely endowed with its great manifestations. It has been magically infused with countless sexual prowess spells, which took a tremendous amount of time and energy.


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