Your brain is a truly fascinating and almost unbelievable organ...But the "star" of the show has got to be your subconscious mind~!

At any given time, your subconscious is keeping you breathing, regulating your heartbeat, running your digestion system, and too many other automatic bodily processes to count.

Your conscious mind could never handle all that stuff on its own... and it's all essential stuff for your survival!

But your subconscious does much more than that...

My grandfather had a favorite saying:"It's all in the mind." I used to be amazed at how he woke up every single morning at exactly 4:30 AM, without once setting an alarm clock.

His subconscious mind woke him up automatically! My grandpa had figured out on his own how to do the things most of us have forgotten how to do.

Fortunately, that knowledge has not been lost... it has all been compiled together into this piece empowered by Merlin~!

The majestic energies in this piece will document how you can easily train your mind to always steer you in the direction you really want to go.

**You'll find out how to create wealth...heal your illnesses... have the best relationships possible... and be able to find the key to everlasting happiness!!

Sterling Silver Ring with stones that hold the balance of relinquishment to unlock your subconscious embelishments of power.

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