I know we often talk about mind control and the evil of it all. On the discovery channel they did an experiment where they took a man and turned him into a killer. He went through with it but he had a fake gun. Mind control is easy. Hypnosis is not what we think it is. We all have triggers in the mind that can set us off to do what anyone wants us to do,including kill. From school shootings to assassinations,all can be accomplished. Here is a link with video so you may see it for yourself first hand. What we tell you here at and is not fake but unfortunatley true.


Even though we abhor the thought of others using mind control for killing,this piece will allow someone to become subbmissive to you. The key word that sets them off is already on the ring. You may use this for anything but we felt it was best used to STOP mind control from being used on YOU! You never know what can be used on you or when,where. Trust me you don't know. I know a man from Deleware who's dad was in the CIA and found out things he wasn't supposed to know. Because of this the entire family was taken into custody. At the time Michael was 12 years old and he remembers it to this day. The techniques they used on him affected him to this day until he had hypnosis done to undo what they did to him which was to forget everything. My uncle also worked for the CIA and my father did work at the Philadelphia naval yard. He saw with his own eyes the men melted into the bulk heads. Not that the skin and all was still there but the impressions. Please listen and take heed,these things are real!


You will use this piece as a protection against it happening to you and you may use it on someone else if they are coming to screw with you and your family or mind,stop them in there tracks. Now you may wonder where can this happen. The most places this happens with ordinary people are at the doctors office and any government agency,including all schools! Be preparded and be safe. This is sterling silver and about a size 10 to 10 and a half.

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