This is a very quick piece that was sent to us just days ago.  We wanted to get this piece out while it is still very active and fresh in the mind of the world.  In fact, you can pull up an news website and you will see what we are talking about when we say that this collection of items comes the Mount Sinabung volcanic eruptions.  While the new agency will not know of the magical pieces that we received as a result of this explosion, it will give you an idea of just how fresh this power actually is. 

As most of you know, djinn are formed of fire and smoke.  What more perfect of a scenario than a volcanic eruption? These pieces were spewed from the eruption and sent to us as soon as they had a chance to cool.  The person who sent them to us is someone we regularly have working for us is these parts of the world and you might recognize her name, Adita.  As soon as the volcano erupted, she was on the scene to investigate.  There are always supernatural elements to natural phenomenon such as these, so we usually try to have somebody investigate the area surrounding them immediately.  This time we capitalized hugely. 

These pieces each hold a band of djinn that were created when the Volcano Mount Sinabung erupted in the Karo district of North Sumatra in Indonesia.  These djinn are very young and are in their most powerful form.  They haven't even been given names, you will have to do that when you receive them.  That is why I am calling the djinnlings, because they are infant djinn that need a mortal host to bond with to develop their power.  As a reward they will grant you unlimited wishes and there are no restrictions on the way you can use these wishes.  You can wish for whatever you want, after you name them of course, and your wish will be granted without question. 



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