The ancient Mesopotamians had an array of gods and goddesses.  There was practically a god for everything in life that you could imagine.  There were gods for rivers, goddesses of the field, gods for the making of the bread, etc. Then, there were creatures that were called monsters, but didn't necessarily fit the bill of what we would consider a monster in today's times.  These monsters are animal-human hybrids and were creatures sent by the gods to serve a divine purpose.  The creature's whose essence has been set inside this piece and is therefore summoned when this piece is used is known as the Apkallu Griffin.  It is ancient Griffin-esque creature that has the head of a man or bird.  He then has wings as that's the vehicle of transportation that the gods gave him to arrive here on Earth and to fly between Earth and the heavens.  The Griffin was also called a "wiseman" or a sage and were sent specifically to teach the knowledge of all magic to humans on Earth.  When using this piece and summoning the presence of the Griffin, you may ask the Griffin to grant you any three powers that you really want and they will be yours. 


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