Petroglyphs have never been fully documented in New Jersey.  That's not to say that they don't exist, because there have been plenty of Indian villages and remains discovered along the way.  Nothing formally has ever become of these findings.  Take, for example, the petroglyphs located along the Passiac River.  They are located below the 140 year old Dundee Dam in Garfield.  There is a sandstone boulder with markings that are ascribed to the Woodland period, dating to 1000 BC.  The stone has the carving of a fish, a bear claw, a phallus, and a set of initials with some Roman numerals.  It is believed that these particular carvings are used to indicate a fishing hole and the possibility that man had to watch out for bear while fishing.  The Phallus?  I guess that is a symbol that the gods kept the stream plentiful?  I'm not sure.  

There are dozens of petroglyphs such as these located along the banks of rivers and other places through New Jersey, and even more through the entire country.  In fact, this piece comes from one site where the petroglyphs do a little more than symbolize the past or give meaning to the future.  Deedee took me there a few years back.  We worked with this item for a while and its not that we were working with this piece that we decided to keep it for so long.  It is because of the nature of the piece that we decided to keep it.  In the past we have used this piece frequently, because each time we use it our experience differs.

To begin with, let me tell you that modern scientists have found body remains and other archaic artifacts that date back the that suggest life on Earth as we know it was born roughly 250,000 years ago.  There are those who oppose this theory, saying that even before the dinosaurs there were advanced tribes of people, who died out.  When they died their bodies became part of the ground and their remains-- bones and teeth included-- were turned to dust during decomposition. Talk about ashes to ashes dust to dust!  My whole point is that the petroglyphs that Deedee took me to see were astonishing.  They held powers that were encapsulated into the rock which the carvings were made on.  I can't really tell you where they were at, because Deedee does that to me when we are in New Jersey sometimes.  She knows where she's at, so she's goes along these back roads and trails and before I know it I'm lost and she knows exactly where we're at, but she can never explain how to get there. She just knows.  Maybe it has something to do with her being a psychic.

She took me to this pot where she showed me these ancient glyphs.  I've never seen anything like them in my life and I can't really describe them to you, except to say that the glyphs weren't really glyphs.  It was more like they were alive.  They didn't move, but when you look at them, you immediately begin to see through the glyphs to the other side.  By the other side I mean into the past.  As I stared, mesmerized by the glyphs, I began to trace them with my finger.  It was them that I felt the energy jolt into my body and before I knew it, the energy was talking to my brain and taking over.  I was still on the this Earth and this time, but I could see through the eyes of the past.  I was able to see into the ancient times of the Natives, when they roamed the Earth in highly enlightened forms in a pre-Jurassic era.  Each trace of the petroglyph showed me a different scene from prehistoric existence and I was able to see just how magical and esoteric these bands of humans were.  They were totally connected to the land and in sync with a higher being that gave them abundance that flowed freely.  It really reminded me of if I was looking into the Garden of Eden, where everything was pure and unadulterated and existed in its highest form. 

Before we left, Deedee and I channeled the energy from the petroglyphs into this item.  This item will recreate the petroglyphs for you, in that it will open up your spiritual connection to the lost times oh humanity.  You will be able to see into the times to experience their spirituality and human perfection.  Again, you won't actually be going there or traveling in time, but it is as if the ancient reality is laid over top of our own and you exist in both places at one is amazing! This piece also promotes good health spirit, body, and mind. It will also allow you to bring back any powers or abilities that you encounter during your experience with this ancient, enlightened race of individuals.  It is a shame that human existence has become so dull anymore.  However, it is amazing that pieces like this one come along that allow you to experience and gain the full enlightenment of a high intelligent and advanced race of people!

 This piece isn't just a power or ability, it is an amazing experience that you won't soon forget!  You can use this piece as many times as you want to see as much of the past as you want and to obtain as many powers and abilities as you want.  The more you use this piece, the more in tune you will become with yourself and the stronger and more vivid your experiences will become.  Also, it will amplify those powers and abilities that you will acquire. 

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