This is an original piece that Jason and I made a while back. Deedee was on an investigation when we actually did this, although I don't remember what investigation she was on. Either way, we were left to tend to the office and sometimes we like to experiment... you know... with magical stuff. This time was no exception. We were in the office late and, of course, Jason gets on a roll telling me, "let's do this," or "let's do that." This time is wise idea was to hold a seance. At first I was a bit hesitant. Seances are a useful tool, but I wasn't really in the mood. He kept on poking, so finally I just agreed to get him off my case. Apparently he had this one planned out for a while, because he knew exactly what he wanted to do. Next thing I know, I'm reading texts out a book called Surat Al-Jinn, which is a sacred text of the Koran concerning Jinn, their existence, what they are, etc. Well, apparently Jason had caught wind that if you read a certain passage during a seance, you could summon a jinn. He was spot on, too. We were able to summon a jinn, but the story gets just a tad bit deeper than that. They usually do when he's involved... He lit the candles and got read for the seance as I just sat there. I was only half-hearted into the whole seance thing, but he kept pushing so eventually I went along. That's when he shoved some scribbles that were written down on a page of loose-leaf at me and said, "here, read this." I did as I was told and then suddenly the flames of the candles leaped over top of both of our heads. They formed a pyramid around our seance spot. The heat was nearly intolerable and smelled of burning wood. A small patch of flame form near Jason's leg began to take a semi-human form. It twisted like a tornado until a body took form and he was standing between where Jason and I sat. Frantically, I searched for a piece, because I knew this would be our perfect opportunity. I was too late, because Jason had already had one. Like I said, he was prepared for this. He yelled for me to keep reading. The reason he yelled is because there was a deafening roar as if we were in the middle of wind storm. Later, we determined that we actually opened up the portal door for the realm of jinn that is showcased in the Koran. I continued reading and the roaring got louder. Then as if on cue, the roaring stopped and all the flames, including the flames from the candle, the pyramid that enclosed us and the flame-man that had stood before us, were sucked into the piece Jason had as if by a vacuum. He looked at me afterwards, with a wild grin on his face. The next day, we both investigated the piece. We determined that the being we had conjured was a master jinn. He was a keeper of the realm of jinn. Jinn are neither angels, nor are they human. They are magical spirits that exist on Earth. They are those who have not entirely passed on. They possess dual magic from both the dark and light realms. This jinn's powers are exceptional and this piece offers and very powerful source of dual, core magic. It is all original, stored up by Allah into the realm of the jinn- also called the Surat Al-Jinn. Additionally, this piece gives you a psychic connection to a network of jinn that will grant you powers and wishes as you have the need to call upon them. Different jinn rule over different elements of existence-- some wealth, some health and well-being, some mental dexterity, some simply master the different areas of alchemy and magic. This is the network that will be available to you. The network includes all Jinn that have ever been created by the hand of God and placed in the realm of Jinn. They each hold a distinct power and energy that you will be able to unlock! This piece will give you access to thousands of jinni and powers. You will be able to use this piece to extract these powers as you have a need or desire for them. For instance, if you find yourself in a financial rut, you're piece will know to summon a wealth jinn for you. If you have a longing for a particular power, your piece will know which jinn to summon for you. This is a very creative and all original piece. It's very powerful! THIS PIECE IS VERY OLD AND HAS THE SAME TYPE OF CLASP ON THE PIN THAT ONE FROM THE 1800'S WOULD HAVE. THE CLASP ON THE PIN HAS BEEN REPLACED BUT STILL HOOKS THE SAME WAY. THE CENTER STONE IS WHAT IS CALLED A CAVE DIAMOND. THEY WERE MADE FROM THE INSIDE OF CAVES. THIS MEANS IT IS NOT A REAL DIAMOND BUT RATHER AN OLD STONE.
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