Is your sex life dull and boring? You don't really have to answer that, but if you would answer, “Yes, my sex life pretty much sucks!,” the keep on reading because I have just the piece that you need. You no longer have to lament with unfulfilled sexual desire. It's okay... I am here for you. <br /><br />

I would like you to meet Suzie O'toole. Suzie was born Barbara Renee Solarno at 15, she decided that she was going to change her name, because in her opinion Barbara was just too damn bland. Of course, nothing was official, but she became known to her friends as Suzie Q.<br /><br />

Suzie grew up in a middle class family in a small town in rural Ohio. You know the type of family too-- there's always a stay at home mom, daddy gets off of work at five and comes home for dinner, which is always inevitably on the table at six o'clock sharp, still warm for daddy. You don't wanna piss daddy off, because he's the bread winner in this family. <br /><br />

If you know anything about growing up in rural Ohio, you know it isn't fun. Well, unless tractor pulls and tobacco spitting contests are fun to you. Suzie was never type of girl, though. She was always in love with glitz and glam. She idolized the girls on the front of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She wasn't content wearing the name badge of a small town gal for the rest of her life and she'd be damned if she wasn't going to do something about. <br /><br />

The summer after she became Suzie, at the age of 15, she also experienced sex for the first time. She didn't like it at first, but after about her fourth experience that summer, she grew to love it. By the time Suzie was 18, she had banged virtually all off the football players in her graduating class, which wasn't saying too much because there were only about a half dozen. She had also sexually coerced about half of the cheerleaders. Suzie takes no preference, she just likes to bone. <br /><br />

At the age of 18, Suzie headed to the city. She packed up her stuff and moved to Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. She stripped her way through college, changing her alias from Suzie Q, to a more sophisticated sounding Suzie O'toole. She hooked on the side when she needed to. It's a big world and a girl has to pay her bills. Eventually, she graduated from college with a Bachelors Degree and license to practice.<br /><br />

Things were looking up for Suzie, when she found a job at a high scale salon. She worked part time as a Sex Editor in a fledgling, yet promising magazine. She was far from her days of stripping and hooking, but don't get me wrong-- Suzie still liked to bone. In fact, she had boned so much she had more experience in sexual education than she did in cosmetology, in which she had a bachelors degree.<br /><br />

Anyhow, one tragic night, Suzie was murdered by one of her old pimps, who Suzie had refused to go back to work for. He claimed she owed him money, she said she didn't It doesn't really matter now, because she is no longer around. It was a tragic end to an American tale.<br /><br />

However, this is a fruitful beginning for the owner of the piece that you see here. We conjured Suzie into this piece. Suzie is not yet done living. She has been transposed onto the spiritual plane as a astral sex spirit. Now, she can be all yours. She will deliver you (male or female) the most mind blowing pleasures of all time. Rough sex? She can make it hurt. Slow sex? She can be romantic. Oral sex? She can stomach it. There is nothing this chick can't do. She knows it all and she is not afraid to use it.<br /><br />

She will use her experience in cosmetology to perform spiritual beautification on you. This will make you subliminally, spiritually, and astrally more appealing to everyone. People will want you. They will flock to you. You will be able to give them the best sex of their lives and keep them-- or send them on their merry way; but where's the fun in that when you have Suzie waiting to hump the crap out of you when you get home? Well, your choices are yours and yours alone.... I'm just saying. <br /><br />

We all really like Suzie because she is fun and has a great personality. There is no way you will not like her. We also decided to combine her and two mermaids because while waiting to be tested it seemed that the three of them hit it off wonderfully. So these are earring of real pearl and sterling silver. You get double the beauty and all the sex.<br /><br />

** The above information was for a pair of earrings that have sold, but Suzie's friend Rachel (a former beauty school classmate) was conjured into a pair of cherry earrings that Deedee kept.

Suzie had a friend Rachel who she often "played" with while alive. When we first met Suzie she was entrapped with Rachel. Rachel is the "shy",  but fierce, wild girl in bed! Rachel was invoked into the other pair of earrings and kept by Deedee. Deedee was going to give them to her son to rev up his life for the better, but then he upset her and she decided she wasn't going to do him any favors. So they have been in our office.... Rachel is ready to blow your mind and energize your libido. <br /><br />

They were in a small box that got hidden behind research files and I was just cleaning up the other day when I found them. I remembered that Deeedee had kept them to give her son a thrill, so I asked if she was going to give them to him now... but she still felt he doesn't deserve them... so now you can be eroticized by Rachel and gain the incredible desires that she holds. She basically walked in the same shoes that Suzie did as a teenager, and this is why they bonded so well while in school --- you now can be invigorated and sexual satisfied and thrilled by amazing sensations of vibrations that Rachel will send through your body.<br /><br />

These work for both women and men --- and for any sexual orientation~!<br /><br />

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