Sanguine Vampire Sperm

Sanguine Vampire Sperm<br /><br />

This piece is one that I've been working with personally for a very long time.  It was difficult to crack this case.  I have finally been able to do so.  The result is that I have this incredibly rare item to offer you.  It is a ring that has been cast in 925 Sterling Silver, which happens to be extremely conducive in regards to magic. <br /><br />

On the top of the ring you will notice a dark green oval.  At first glance, I thought that maybe this was some sort of chakratic energy piece.  All I knew was that I felt a connection to the piece.  You see, when I first got the piece the green swirls weren't there.  They came later.  <br /><br />

As I tested the piece and allowed myself time to actually bond with it, I discovered that there were no harmonizing spirits in the piece.  Actually, quite the contrary.  The power that is exhibited in this piece is a robust power that is only for the skilled and practiced.<br /><br />

After a while of testing this piece, the lighter swirls began to take form.  I was given psychic inclinations to tell me that these swirls were drops of vampire semen, sent forth from the piece, which actually serves as a portal into the realm of the underworld.<br /><br />  

Soon after this occurrence a full-form sanguine vampire was release unto me.  After this, I stopped using the piece, because I didn't want to take away from the experience for the next person.  This is why I am now offering this piece to one lucky customer.  The swirls of semen never went away; and this piece is now ready to birth you a vampire of its own.<br /><br />

This piece will manifest a full-form sanguine vampire too you.  He or she will bring forth their powers and allow you to obtain which powers you choose to have.  Your vampire will also bring forth wealth, as wealth is associated with the color green.  It will also allow you to enter the realm of the underworld via remote viewing.  This is a very powerful piece, and as I said early is for experienced practitioners. <br /><br />

Sanguine Vampire Sperm
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