Saturn Soul People Ring

Listen to the radio show tonight for more on the Saturn Soul People and the Saturn Death Cult. In breif they were an ancient race of enlightened peopel who gained magic from Saturn, which used to be our primary Sun. This magic was used in many ways to complete many great accomplishment worldwide such as the pyramids, the mayan temples, stonehenge, and others. The magic is called the "electric universe and plasmic cosmology" and is a life force power. The power eventually became a sinister thing as power-hungry, greedy men rose to power and used it to oppress people and to establish the NWO and rule the world. These are the pieces we have. They have been illuminated with the Electric Universe and Plasmic Cosmology. They hold the original powers of the sustenance of the original Eye of Providence. With these pieces you gain full power of the Electric Universe and Plasmic Cosmology. This includes the following abilities. • Ability to psychically recognize, speak, and understand the cosmic language • Gives you the ability to create, suspend, alter, manipulate, and decease all powers. It doesn’t matter what the power is or where it came from. You gain total control over all. • You will be given a connection to the life force. This will allow you to see inside of all realms that have been created using the life force (aka electric universe/plasmic cosmology) This means you will be able to visit the realm of the Crystal Pyramid, the Duplicate Sphinx, Mayan Holographic Halls, the Atlantis High Temple, Native American Spirit realms, etc. • Be given exclusive access into what is known as Saturn’s Alternate Space-Time Continuum. Here exists a hall of golden sundiscs that create time. They hold the discs of the past, present, and future. The discs allow you to travel to any point in time. It also allows you to create time to change destiny. • Gives you complete control of cosmic bodies—will allow you unlock all cosmic powers such as wealth stars, healing stars, soul replenishment stars, etc. You will gain the entire alchemy of the Universe. One of these pieces is bone relic from one of the Saturn Soul People. It is a chip of bone that has been preserved from a Priest from the ancient times and has been preserved. It holds ALL the powers of the original Cult of Saturn and the illumination powers that ensue. The other piece is a sterling silver ring. If you look closely you can see the strands that were put in this piece to come from the outer layers of Saturn's rings. It literally is the plasmic cosmology life force and electric universe power. Both of these pieces are amazing. They are listed separately, though. The one you get is the one you see in this listing.
Saturn Soul People Ring
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