Scarab Cycles of Transformation

There isn't too much known about the mysterious queen called Mernua.  She was a queen of Egypt during the Thutmoisid Dynasty and rule between the years of 593BC to 568BC.  Other than, her workings and what she has done have somehow remained one of the biggest mysteries in Egyptology to this day.  What is known about her is that on her coffin contained two scarabs.  Scarabs are known as the symbolizes the life cycle and rebirth.  During this time period you could find scarabs everywhere-- on tomb paintings, manuscripts, hieroglyphics, inscriptions on buildings,jewelry, and in carvings.  It Scarab was considered an amulet for both the living and the dead, bringing those who venerated it during life a multitude of special powers and  protection powers to those whose sarcophagus had been decorated accordingly.  Moreover, it was sybmolic of the Ra's traverse across the sky each day.  During this traverse Ra had the ability to transform the bodies and souls of his constituents and also that of the other gods, who were lesser gods than he who was the chief deity.  

This is how Ra was able to reincarnate the goddess Isis, to give her mortal birth.  It turns out that Jesus was not the only god that was reborn into human existence.  Isis (NOT THE ISLAMIC BROTHERHOOD, OBVIOUSLY), is the Egyptian goddess of life and rebirth, similar to her male counter part Ra.  She is the goddess of the Earth and brought with her Darin her first reincarnation cycle all kinds of directives for her people such as how to grind corn, reading, agriculture, spin flax, and how to tame men enough to live with them. She has been filled with compassion for her people.  Each time she has descended to Earth, she has taught something to her followers.  Her most previous visit entailed the teaching of the scarab and its ability to unlock the secrets to mortal life cycles.  She did this in order for each individual to learn how to exist as a whole individual, with one memory rather than as many different individuals with memory fragments.  This type of awakening is necessary to purify your mind and become spiritually purified to exists in an enlightened state, where an individual person will gain all the knowledge of Isis' magic.  After all, she was the goddess and recorder of magic.  Thus, any Egyptian magic that has ever been recorded, has been recorded by her.  

This piece is a golden-winged scarab on a ring.  This scarab has been fashioned in such a way that mimics Queen Mernua's scarabs that can be found, til this day, on her sarcophagus.  The special thing about Queen Mernua's scarabs is that they were scarab's of Isis, as QueenMernua was the reincarnation of Isis.  It was during this time that she really attempted to spread the magic knowledge of the scarab.  Thus, with this ring, you are receiving the knowledge of Isis' scarab becomes yours.  With this piece, you will gain the full knowledge of the life cycle's of a goddess.  It will bring you her records of magic Egyptian magic, which will come to you in the form of holographic scrolls that will have the formulas for all ancient Egyptian magic written down for you. However, before you are able to read this magic, know its true meaning, and practice it meaningfully, you will need to go through your own transformation, which brings me to my next point.  

The first thing that piece is going to do for you is unlock your life cycles.  You will be able to see all the way back through your life, to the point of your very first inception and journey to the Earth.  After this, you will be able to successively see through the rest of your life cycles up until your current one.  This way, you will exist as one being, with one memory, and you will no longer live with a fragmented soul.  Hence, you will be given a spiritual transformation that will powerful enough for you to be able to read the sacred magic of Isis.  When you wear this piece the walls wherever you are will turned into an ancient archive, as they come alive with a holographic form of the scrolls and magic that only your eyes will be able to see, because your awakening will cater to you.  This is a very powerful piece that will give you vast amounts of powers and knowledge of ancient secrets, on top of a spiritual awakening.  It is a VERY powerful tool and whomever winds up and remains with these powers should consider them lucky, as this piece is definitely a one of a kind! 
Sterling silver and Bronze, size 10
Scarab Cycles of Transformation
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