Screamin' Like A Banshee

Screamin' Like A Banshee

Here is a very unusual piece!  If you're not familiar with the Banshee, allow me to explain.  The are female spirits that are seen as a omen of death from the Otherworld.  They were sent into the human realm to warn people of impending death. However, they have a very odd way of doing it.  Rather than appearing to somebody in a vision or giving them a vision, typically the Banshee will sneak up on some and scream at the top of their lungs.  It medieval times, she would not only scream at the person who was about to die, but she would also be nice and wash their armor for them. How sweet, right? Well, this was actually done to signify that she was washing away the iniquity that was weighing in upon their soul, so that way they would righteous in the afterlife. 

Here's my thing.  I was in a hospital one time late at night when I ran into a women who was going around and screaming at everyone.  Not for anything, it got really annoying so I simply pulled out a piece that I was carrying with me and trapped her in it.  Now when I say woman, I'm going to assume that you guys caught the rift and it was a banshee woman foretelling death... in a hospital... over and over again.  It was like, "Okay we get the point."  Well, I guess I did.  I don't anybody else was quite able to see her except for the person she was screaming at... and even then the people don't always see her.  Banshees are very spiritual creatures. 

Anyhow, she now lives in this piece and her powers have been slightly altered... in fact, they have been reversed.  This piece is the white light protection of the banshee.  Instead of screaming as a omen of death, when you wear this piece she will scream at death.  You won't hear her.  I promise.  She does it on a completely differently frequency level now, and she screams so loud that she will ward off death and bad omens.  She will counteract anything bad or negative that comes into your life and will cure illness and disease and will send curses and hexes back at the people who sent them to you.  She will ward of demons and other dark souls that attempt to assail you, because... trust me... they don't want to hear her screaming either... especially not her newly developed white light scream.  It packs some serious power. 

Either, way this piece is an extreme protection piece!  It will keep you safe from all ailments, both physical and spiritual and will keep you on a path of white light purity! 

Screamin' Like A Banshee
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