Secrets of Cain and the Powers from Eden

Secrets of Cain and the Powers from Eden<br /><br />

Here's the thing... it took some very practical and powerful energy to make the world what it is today.  Okay, yeah we've had thousands of years to develop civilization; but think about it folks, where does the root of existence even lie.  Even if you are one of those who believe in the Big Bang Theory, where did the matter that collided in space come from?  It had to actually come from somewhere, it didn't just exist.  Allow me to hand you a little secret.  It's in the item that I'm showcasing and it is a secret power that has been passed down along generations of inhabitants and has been used in the various avenues all over the face of the planet.<br /><br /> 

In this piece is the secret ritual magic that was passed from Adam, the first man and God's personal creation, to Cain.  Adam knew this magic real well because he was in cahoots with God, the grand creator (whether you want to believe it or not).  Adam had everything he could have ever wanted, provided by the hand of God; however, when his wife ate of the fruit of Good and Evil and convinced Adam to do the same, there were consequences and prices to be paid.  When he was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, there was merely one gift that god left humanity with and that is the magical white energy that is in this item. <br /><br />

Once this power was passed down from Adam to Cain, it continued to be passed down across generations.  It was instrumental in the creation of Noah's Ark.  How else to you think Noah constructed it in a world without technology?  It was eventually passed down to King Solomon, who used it to construct his Temple and create the magic that he is so infamous for.  This magic was eventually used to build the Great Pyramids of Giza, but there's more on that to come with a separate item.<br /><br />

The fact is that this energy can be traced to the implementations of all great things, including all seven of the Wonders of the World.  It is this magic that was fortified in humans at the creation of man.  It is this power that remained with man after they turned their faces from the eyes of the Lord.  It is white magic from the Kingdom of Heave and it is the magic that has allowed all existence to take shape.  It has created many workings and has been influential in many things.  This piece will allow you to hold this white energy as your own, to use it as you see fit.  It can create powers, open portals, give you psychic ability, give you free range powers.  It can basically do anything at all that you want it to do. <br /><br />

This power has fallen out of the hands of humans, because we have grown so separate from God.  in a world full of acceptance (which, is good to a certain extent), people have become so full of self-righteous indignancy, that they have fallen from the grace of God... and ultimately the one gift that he allowed man to take with him.  However, started with the rites of Solomon, some men have formed a sort of cult that has kept this power alive.  They are called the Freemasons.  They hold secret rituals that have been passed down from generation to generation.  These rituals renew and restore the powers that have given to us from God.<br /><br /> 

One of the above mentioned rituals produced this piece, which is the procurment of the powers of God.  It doesn't matter how I got it, it only matters that I have it.  It holds all of the powers discussed above and is very powerful, as it holds a direct consecration from God, himself, which has been invoked by the Rites of Solomon, the Lord's chosen king.  Additionally, this piece will allow you to consult Angels, as it will open up the Heavens to you.  There is literally nothing that is not possible with this piece.  It is one of the most powerful items I have ever encountered.  For one lucky customer, this piece will become a permanent change in their lives.  Are you that customer?  Don't stall, because if you are feeling a subliminal pull towards this piece, it's probably destiny playing its part in your life.<br /><br />


Secrets of Cain and the Powers from Eden
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