Secrets of the Am-Tuat

Secrets of the Am-Tuat<br /><br />

In 1909 an ancient citadel was found high above the Colorado River.  Within the citadel were contained religious relics, artifacts, heiroglyphics, currency, and other things.  The exploration was funded by the Smithsonian Institute.  It is interesting enough, then, to note that if one would contact the Instutute, asking about the finds, a response of "No Records Found" would be given.  Why?  Why are people trying to cover up the finds?  How did this report get leaked if they meant to keep it secret?  <br /><br />

Well, for starters, people never keep their mouths shut.  To this day the Smithsonian has a branch that is designated for "Paranormalities in the South West."  Paranormalities?  Yeah, as in the magic they found in the ancient would-be city in the Grand Canyon region of modern-day Arizona.  The greedy bastards kept all the magic for themselves.  Well, all the magic besides the one piece that I received from a connection that is currently serving on the Smithsonian's council that governs the mostly covert findings of the Arizona finding.<br /><br /> 

It is interesting to not that a translation of the ancient glyphs has yet to be released... because they can't figure it out.  Ha ha, that's what they get.  I got my item from a contact that I have and with in a week I had worked relentlessly on this piece to figure out the meaning behind it.  It deciphers the ancient text written on the entrance to the city that was located in the network of tunnels and caverns on the side of Grand Canyon. 
<br /><br />

The secret in these texts and the secret held in this item is the knowlege of the ancient Am-Tuat.  Am-Tuat translates as meaning, "Text of the Hidden Chamber that is the Underworld."  The text has been described as a book of ancient funerary rites of the Egyptians; and it is.  However, there is secret message hidden and embedded in the Am-Tuat that can only be revealed during reverse text rituals using the power in this piece.<br /><br /> 

This power invokes the ancient Egyptian Sun God, Ra, who has travelled to the Underworld in his journies and brought back the knowledge of the Am-Tuat.  He will embrace your mind and enlighten it, manifesting all the knowlege of the Am-Tuat to you.  It will also give you the knowledge of the hidden, embedded code.  This code will give you the secrets of an ancient esoteric magic of the Egyptians.  It comes from the Underworld, a spiritual chamber where souls go when they shed their physical self.<br /><br />

The power in this piece will allow you to open the portal to the Underworld.  You will gain divine telekinetic and psychic energy.  It will allow you to travel the Underworld and will give you magic that is dual from and holds the magic of the ancient Egyptians that allowed them to build the pyramids in accordance to the Zodiac. <br /><br />

This piece is NOT to be taken lightly.  It is very powerful magic and should be treated as such.  You are not receiving the original piece, as we are keeping this piece for future endeavors.<br /><br /> 

Additionally, this piece will bring you divine providence, wealth and success powers, and even a power that increases your sexual appetite, desirability, and performance in bed.  You will recieve one of the these items.  Enjoy!! <br /><br />


Secrets of the Am-Tuat
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