Sedlec Souls

Sedlec Souls<br /><br />
This piece all starts back in the 13th Century when somebody decided to sprinkle soil from the Holy Land on a small cemetery in Sedlec, Czech Republic.  People began demanding that they be buried there.  As time passed, bones began collecting on the hallowed ground outside of the ossuary.  The priests needed to get rid of the bones, so they decided to be creative.<br /><br />
The priests at the Sedlec Ossuary used the bones that were lying around to decorate the interior of the Ossuary.  In fact, there were so many bones lying around the Sedlec Ossuary boasts a collection of tens of thousands of bones.  It seems a little insane at first, and creepy; however, when you consider the fact that the bodies have been buried in a cemetery that has been consecrated by the powers of God found in the Holy Land, I guess it's not so bad.  <br /><br />
We had a correspondent of ours visit the Ossuary not too long ago.  He went with Adita, and together they held a summoning ceremony in the place that was a surefire way to draw out the spirits of the divine.  They have channeled the energies that they have surfaced into this piece which has been made with crushed up bone from the Ossuary that was given to us as a gift from the priests in Sedlec. <br /><br /> 
The piece calls upon the powers of generations of the deceased.  This is a time travel piece without actually being a time travel piece.  It calls upon the spirits of Sedlec Ossuary and lets you view the world as these souls have seen it, through their eyes, from whatever time, place and walk of life they have been summoned.  It also gives you white power protection from several very holy men that have visited the realm of Heaven, but have returned to Earth, died and have been used to decorate the Ossuary.  <br /><br />
This piece calls upon over a thousand souls and can send you in a thousand different directions on the space-time continuum by seeing through the eyes of those who have already existed.  To use this piece, merely meditate with it and concentrate on the time period in which you want to travel.  A spirit will be summoned and surfaced and will guide you through the annals of time to where you would like to go. <br /><br /> 
Now for those of you who didn't know, Deedee has this infatuation with Napoleon Bonaparte.  She was eager to use this piece to travel back in time to see him.  She was thrilled with her experience and is excited for whomever gets this piece next!!  <br /><br />
Sedlec Souls
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