Seed of Isis

First of all, I want to say that this piece has absolutely nothing to do with the terrorist organization.  Some people with dull minds will try to associate this with them somehow, but those of you who know us know that we hate ISIS, the terror group that is spelled with all capitals, just as much as the next person.  We hope they die and rot in whatever version of hell they believe it.  Now that this is out of the way, allow me to introduce you to the original Isis, the goddess of the Egyptians.

In the height of the movement honoring the goddess, Isis, the epicenter of her cult following could be found in Heliopolis and Nubia, both cities of prominence in those times.  Her divine presence was honored during a feast known as the Lychnapsia, or the festival of lights.  It was through these lights that her presence traveled to the people of ancient Egypt. This is how she spread her knowledge and magic to the people.  During the festival, she would possess people's bodies, who would then speak the truth about Isis and demonstrate her magical abilities.  She is a very magical entity, and should be considering her bloodline.  She is the daughter of Nut, wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus.  When Set, the brother of Osiris, killed her husband and set him afloat in the Nile, she searched for her husbands body.  When she found it, Set retaliated by chopping the body up into tiny piece.  Isis found all of the tiny pieces and reassembled them bringing him back to life.  This is just one simple example of her extravagant powers. 

Although the worship of Isis has somewhat simmered since her glory days, there are still those who recognize and embrace the powers that she had.  After all, it was she, along with Thoth, who delivered the secrets of magic to humankind.  In present day, those who still partake in the worship of Isis guard her knowledge as somewhat of a hidden revelation.  Thus, her learned abilities have more of a mystery school type feel to them, because they are so heavily guarded.  The people who have placed themselves in charge of safeguarding this power do so because they are fearful of the power falling into the wrong hands.  However, they don't have an issue sharing these powers with those who are seemingly deserving.  This piece has been hand crafted by an Egyptian sorcerer during the Festival of Lights.  It has been given the Seed of Isis, which is the possession of her magic presence.  This piece is possessed with Isis' presence 24/7/365, and will allow you access to her magic at any given point in time.  She is the ancient, but with this piece she is also the new!  The powers that you will get when you make this piece yours are the following: 

love:  This piece will give you psychic inclination to sort through your guys to determine which one is actually the perfect fit for you.  It will work fervently to bring you your one, true soul-mate.

marriage:  Isis will assure that you marriage remains sanctified.  It will be filled with the same type of steadfast loyalty and devotion that she showed for her husband when she brought him back from the dead.  I guess you could say that she went through Hell and back and even if your marriage does as well, it will still remain. 

motherhood:  As Isis was the mother goddess, this piece will grant you motherhood and pregnancy if that is what you are after.  You will have as many offspring as you desire and they will be healthy and happy.

sexuality:  Sex is a vital aspect of any woman's well being-- physically, mentally, and spiritually.  If you are not having good sex, theses aspects will suffer.  When you wear this piece, Isis will possess your man's body and make him magically know all the "right stuff."  It will transform him from stud to dud and you will suddenly find his sexual appetite magically delicious.  He will give you the best sex that you have ever had in your entire life. 

health and healing:  This piece allows you to perform healing in both the physical and spiritual senses.  You can perform these healings on both yourself and on others.  These powers are completely white light and are the same powers Isis used when reviving her husband and bringing him back to life.  It is the spiritual essence that holds life together at the seems.

immortality:  this is a simple one to comprehend.  If you are ready for immortality, then Isis will give it to you.  It will allow you to stay young and beautiful forever if that is what you choose.  You can revoke this immortality at any time you feel that you are ready to de-immortalize yourself. 

magic:  this is very broad, but Isis' magic can bring a host of powers including wealth, telekinesis, psychic ability, astral travels, the ability to conjure beings, the ability to source your own magic, the ability to grant wishes, the ability to see into the future, etc.  

Seed of Isis
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