September-5-08 INVESTIGATION

Yesterday we all had a group meeting and a investigation. I have to say that it was one of the scariest days I have had in a long time. This was serious. The investigation was on a house in town that was haunted of course but the people never gave me all the details. I'm going to make this as quick as possible.

The guy was sent to prison for murder. He said he did 14 years and is on probation until 2015. He said that he did not do it. Yet psychically I FEEL the bad temper and it is heavy. I feel that the possibility is there that he could kill. What scares me is that anyone looking at him would not know this.

I met them about three weeks ago as I'm always picking up someone or strange people are drawn to me. As I was talking to them the first time I met them I just got up and walked away. The energy was bad. I didn't want anything to do with it. Plus the woman kept looking up like something was talking to her and I could see nothing. I began to doubt my own ability for a split second.

It wasn't until the actual investigation yesterday and the aftermath that I realized what was going on. This put me in a very bad position. I began having vision after vision and I knew I had to get rid of them. This is the reason there was no radio show last night.

Shine could not come over but he was going to call in. He called me while I was with them in the afternoon yesterday and said that he felt something very bad and that where ever I was I needed to leave. I told him that I couldn't but that I would as soon as I could.

He kept on calling me to say the same thing but I had to ignore him because I just couldn't get away.

The visions that I was having were scary. I could see everything around them and I was dead. These visions began with me seeing a Newspaper again and it was talking about my murder. The newspaper people had gone back to one of my old places and had spoke to people on the street that knew me. They were even saying why I moved. Then it went on to say that I had met with the wrong people and the guy was already convicted of a savage killing 14 years ago. It also said that he had just got out not even a year ago and did it again. I saw this four times. The other thing I saw in my mind was a gun which meant that I needed to get one. The visions were then getting stronger and stronger and kept on coming.

After that I knew that I had to get rid of them and just never contact them again. During the after investigation conversation which we had because they followed us to our group monthly meeting. While there I learned that he had a long criminal record which didn't stop my visions from coming on even more. He was arrested for arson,beating someone,murder and many more. The list was long from the time he was a teenager. The woman began to tell me that he did not do the murder and that he was taken to a mental hospital where they shaved off his hair and planted the hair at the murder scene so they could convict him. She also said that the government kidnapped her and made her take anti-psychotic drugs in order to make her crazy. She said that the government knew that the two of them knew stuff about the government that they did not want to get out.

Taking a step back. I do realize that in the states to many people to count are convicted of things they just never did. There are many innocent people in prison. What I'm looking at is the entire history of his record along with the all else they have told me. I was told that the reason the he was charged with murder is so that his family could keep all his money from royalties to his music. He does have a musical background and was with a well known group. He also did work for Quiet Riot,Twisted Sister and various others. He can sing and he can play music. He has also written a few songs that will come out soon. You will get to hear them on the radio show.

One of the visions that I had was to not cancel the show on them. I felt that doing so would make them so mad that it could set him off. I have seen his temper and I do feel that at anytime he could lose control.

During the investigation I saw the man that was killed hanging around. He was in a wheel chair at the time of death and had been stuffed into a refrigerator to keep him cool but they left the blood all over the place. As I understand it he was killed because they believed he was gay. They said that he made an advance towards the guys brother and that it was the brother and not him that killed the guy. Anyway you will all hear them on the show and you can make up your own minds.

The other investigation lasted all of a few minutes. I told a guy that he was dead,explained what happened and he moved on. It was a weird case but still interesting.

There is a guy that works night shift at a truck yard. The yard holds freezer box trucks. One night he was out there and he keeps hearing a voice asking why he was locked in the cold. it just kept saying that it was cold and wanted to be let out. We asked to see the driving history of the truck as we would a house and that's when we figured it all out. The freezer truck was used in 9-11 to hold a few bodies and parts. During that time it was on loan and the spiritual remains were still with it.

We told him that relatives and friends were waiting on the other side and that he needed to move on or become stuck.

The next investigation to come is about a cemetery which we normally do not do. This one in particular has bodies that seem to rise at night. From what we have heard there were some kind of cult members buried there and that someone took from their graves. There is a lot to this one too. I will get into that one at another time.

With the radio show I can not say when they will be on but I think it will be tonight. When I know I will let you all know.
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