Serbian Biting Wolves

Serbian Biting Wolves

The Serbs connect the vampire and the were-wolf together, and call them by one name vlkoslak. This particular type of being rages chiefly in the depths of winter: they hold their annual gatherings, and at them divest themselves of their wolf-skins, which they hang on the trees around them.

If any one succeeds in obtaining the skin and burning it, the vlkoslak is thenceforth disenchanted.

The power to become a were-wolf is obtained by drinking the water which settles in a foot-print left in clay by a wolf. A piece was molded from clay that held the water and it ignited an extremely powerful spark that brought forth residual strength and power to those who used it. This was a one of a kind piece, and is now in a prime collection, but the owner allowed the piece to channel energy into other items that were created.... and we were lucky to get one of them~!!

This piece is an imperative item that will enrich your body and spirit to generate the follicles of the Vlkoslak and grant you the enchantment of their half-breed generative powers!

Serbian Biting Wolves
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