Seven Wisemen of Karjia

Mankind has become so self-absorbed these days.  I'm not sure if it's all part of the grand scheme of things.  Maybe the gods think that if they dumb down the general caucus, they can come back for the truly enlightened ones-- the ones who have preserved their memories and have sought truth through intelligence.  I'm not sure, but in the event that you were to study any major civilization from the past, you will notice they are always looking up and out.  The is never the limit and more often then not, the beginning to the answers lie in and beyond the skies.  Such is the truth when it comes to the Seven Wisemen of Karijia.  These wisemen were once shamans who held the utmost power, respected in all ancient civilizations in South American.   

The wisemen aren't necessarily men, per se.  Rather they are seven sarcophagi in which seven enlightened men have been placed into.  Their tombs stand about 8 feet all and they have exaggerated jaw lines.  However, their gaze is fixed on space.  This is because the seven wise men that were placed into the Sarcophagi have achieved their immortality in these sacred vessels that are called purunmachus.  I have said before that they eyes are the windows to the soul.  These enlightened ones have found out first hand, because through the gaze in their eyes they can travel to the outer limits of existence, by projecting themselves into the eternal.  Their eternal souls are set free through the eyes to travel to edges of existence, always gaining eternal knowledge.  They would then share this knowledge with the villagers who were a tribe called the Cloud People.  The Cloud People were called as such, because when they were given the secrets of the Seven Wisemen, they too, were permitted to travel to the outer limits of existence, to see reality and all its parts, to see that reality really just works liker a big clock with gears call life cycles.  They all exist together to make things work.  They are drive by one force, at the center of it all.  This is what we know to be God, or in some culture the Gods, whereby individual gods represent the different characteristics of the One God at the center of it all. 

This item was made during an investigation.  I mean, naturally we were interested in what this place had to offer when we first heard about it.  We traveled there and we were able to pull the energy from the Seven Wisemen and place them into this item.  When testing this item, we discovered that it allows you to leave your body in astral form. You will travel the very edges of existence, to see what else is out there besides out own self-absorbed society.  You will come across many powers and abilities, which this piece will store for you so that way you can use them later.  This piece will allow you to follow the gaze of the revered wisemen, straight to the core of existence.  Her you will be able to obtain godlike powers that will allow you come back to Earth with not just a changed perspective on what it really means to exist in an enlightened state, but the ability subliminally create with the depths of your mind.  More or less what I'm saying is that all beings extend from the same basic energy, just like all cakes begin with flour and eggs.  How you tweak this existence is what determines the type of existence that is created.  What I'm saying is that the power in this piece gives you the "flour and eggs" as well as the many different types of energies that will allow you to create whatever kinds of energies you want.  This piece is jam-packed with power and ability, you definitely aren't going to want to miss out on!  Get it before it's gone! 

Seven Wisemen of Karjia
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