Shaman Owl Spirit Guide

The Owl is recognized by Siberian Shamans as one of the great animal familiars, indeed Shamans with an owl spirit guide typically have powers of second sight and great sensitivity.

While different species of owl each have their own unique shamanic symbolism, there are also universal characteristics common to all owl spirit guides:

· The owl as power animal perceives truths that are veiled to many, thanks to its silent flight at night.

· An owl spirit guide is skilled in detecting untruths, thanks to its acute hearing which detects what others do not.

· The legendary intelligence of the owl is indeed a characteristic of the totem owl. A shaman with an owl spirit guide is an old soul with much wisdom thanks to this maturity.

· Thanks to its silent flight the owl power animal knows when to speak and when to keep its peace.

· The owl is a skilled hunter thanks to its great local knowledge. On a shamanic journey the owl spirit guide serves the Shaman with its detailed knowledge of the spiritual realms.

Owls have long been associated with mystery, twilight and magic in many corners of the globe, and even, in some cultures, with evil and malevolence.

To the shaman, the owl does indeed have many special qualities, though these are not to be feared as the owl is a noble and powerful spirit guide. Shamans fortunate enough to be blessed with an owl as power animal enjoy much wisdom and insight in their company on shamanic journeys.

We have a Shaman spirit owl necklace that will help guide you and bring you wisdom. Sometimes in life it is hard to know when to take the next step forward and when to voice your opinions. This necklace will grant you intelligence and guidance to live a more fulfilled life. This is a very rare piece and very sought after. This piece will give you ALL the power of the great Shaman owl. This includes the realms,astral journey,acute hearing and the KNOWING of truth and lies. You only need to sit him somewhere and do not need to wear. The piece is a cheaper piece but works wonders. You can also wear him to meditate and travel the astral realms.
Shaman Owl Spirit Guide
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