Shaman Transmigratory Powers

I'll take what she's having...

Ecstasy is lustful and amazing, it makes you desire and quiver with excitement.

We deal with many practitioners of magic and learned that Shamans find ecstasy through dancing and drugs. Shamans, male and female, achieve their ecstatic states by means of drumming and dancing, but also often with herbal supplements.

Although the state of ecstasy they achieve may resemble possession, the magical situation is at all times consciously led and under the shaman's control.

Through ritual, the shamans offer themselves up as a means of transmitting superhuman powers and as a contact point for potentially useful energies. In the process they are never themselves controlled by the spirits they invoke.

Instead, they are the intermediaries between the other-world and Earth, between humankind and the divine. They are on a journey of the soul. While underway they are able to see the future, guide the dead to the afterlife, and, most importantly, serve their community by healing those in need.

Shamans have special knowledge that gives them access to an invisible reality.

Felissero, a Shaman from Nigeria, wanted to instill a calling for a follower. One can only become a shaman by being called in a dream or a vision. Shamans have a direct connection to the world beyond this one, with the task of restoring the distorted relationship between humans and the gods.

Felissero fortified a calling in this piece --- it has not been tested by our staff, because the first person to use it will be called, but he ensures its power.

You will be granted access once the dream transmit into your soul --- this will associate you into the Shaman life and make you a mediator between humanity and the spirit world!

Never before have we had a chance to enlist a future transmigration affiliate ~ this is exciting for us; it is a chance to brighten your future with a piece to make a dream become reality!

Shaman Transmigratory Powers
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