Shugborough Prophecies, Summoning the Holy Grail, AUGUST SALE

Okay, so I know that we have done some work with the Shugborough Inscriptions before.  However, this a brand new breakthrough!  We have had an investigation team working with the Inscriptions for the past five years.  Although, Charles Dickens nor Charles Darwing were able to crack the code, there is nothing a little bit of magic and psychic ability can't solve.  Combining the powers of some of our most lucid talent proved to be successful. 

Just to recap, the Shugborach Monument is in Staffordshire, England.  It is a recreated of Nicolas Poussin's, "Arcadian Shepherds."  If you get a better look, the inscription, "DOUOSVAVVM" is chiseled into the stone sculpture.  The meaning of the code has eluded even the best code breakers over time.  

This piece holds the powers of the Prophecy that is given forth by the Arcadian Shepherds, who are depicted on the Monument of Shugborough.  To confirm the powers in this piece, we have all tested it. The powers in this item, which have been transferred directly from the Shugsborough Monument, its inscription, and the Arcadian Shepherds.  The powers have been fortified by Knights Templar and purportedly give directions about how to locate the Holy Grail. 

My friends, I'm here to tell you that the powers in this piece do much more than that!!  They not only give you a means to find the Holy Grail but it will bring the Holy Grail directly to you!  You will be able to see into the Holy Grail and drink Deep of the powers that this mighty Chalice has to offer. 

This piece will give you a total spiritual transformation and rebirth.  You will exist in a metaphysical state where you will be able to know exactly what existence means.  It will take you into other metaphysical realms, where angels and spirits exist, where you will learn how to survive on spiritual means and magic alone aka "the Blood of Christ".  You will also be able to use the Holy Grail as a gazing instrument to view into past, present, and future. 

This piece is an esoteric secret and treasure, left behind by the Knights Templar for future generations.  We've made this item by using the inscriptions and casting their energies into this item.  The full range of powers of the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, and the Shugborough Monument are yours for the taking!  Do not miss out on these extreme white light powers!

Shugborough Prophecies, Summoning the Holy Grail, AUGUST SALE
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