Sorcerers Compendium

Sorcerers Compendium <br /><br />

This is a very powerful piece that holds the crystal eye of sorcery.  Tomer helped us discover and master the powers that were locked inside.  They have been activated and have come full swing.  This piece is a sensational piece that offers an extremely rare power.<br /><br />

This Sterling Silver piece is very rare and I doubt we will ever have another piece like it.  It holds the Crystal Eye of Sorcery from the year 5081.  A secret society of sorcerers, who have obtained immortality began working on this power (not the item itself) in the 1500s.  It was perfected in the year 5081, and now it has been brought back from the future.  It is the most powerful sorcery piece that has ever existed.   <br /><br />

When you gaze into the Crystal Eye, it will show you the faces of past sorcerers, present sorcerers, and future sorcerers.  In fact, it will show you the face and the power of all sorcerers to have existed.  This power from 5081 will allow you the unique ability of summoning any sorcerer from history or from the future.  You will be able to encompass all of their powers and know all of their knowledge about magic and sorcery.  <br /><br />

This piece is a compendium to a magic book of sorcery.  This correspondence will allow you to comprehend futuristic sorcery, as this will be a new area for most of you because it is from the future.  It is a lot more powerful and potent than anything that exists today for it's type of magic. <br /><br />

When I was using this piece, I was able to conjure up a Sumerian sorcerer.  He traveled back in time with me, and helped me dig up the Sumerian Tablets and a secret Reptilian race of creatures that exists on Earth disguised as humans.  He helped me to draw the link between the Sumerians and what was happening in the future.  It was an enlightening experience.  These abilities will now be yours!!  <br /><br />

I want to add a bit more to this one. I wanted to use it a little more today which is why these items are going on so late. Whenever I even hear the word Sumerian I get chills because I feel there is a connection between them and the Nephilim or evil type aliens. I used it too to conjure up a Sumerian shape shifter and found that they are a combination of aliens and fallen ones. You do not have to view this,this is an educational magical. You learn from it and you can call up whoever you need in order to gain knowledge,power and to learn how to do many ancient hidden mysteries. This is gold over sterling silver,the stone here is what is important. The size is a 10.

Sorcerers Compendium
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