Sorcerers Spirit Detector -TOA

To the naked eye, this piece looks like an old-fashioned thermometer. It is actually a powerful spirit detector. This piece makes it super easy for anyone to tell whether or not a spirit is nearby.

This piece used to belong to Vans Moorehead, who was a male sorcerer. He was constantly working with spirits for various magical powers.

To use, simply wear this. The temperature will change when a spirit is around. Spirits are also attracted to the mercury inside the thermometer. The sorcerer would use this to his advantage and would offer them a vessel in return for the power they held.

What makes this piece so special is that ancient magic was placed on the piece so it wouldn't just attract any old spirit. This piece is designed to attract only the best of the best, the cream of the crop. You can rest assured that only spirits with great gifts of all kinds will show up to be of use.

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Sorcerers Spirit Detector -TOA
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