Sorceress Marissa

Sorceress Marissa

A black force unlike anything we have ever came across before formed around our vehicle while we were on an investigation in Cape May, NJ.

We were all headed out for something to eat when we got to the car and saw the waves of darkness emitting itself around the circumference of the vehicle. Steve tried to get in on the passenger side and was shocked by the door handle. We weren't sure what was going on.

Deedee had a protector piece on and was able to get in the car... she then took off the pendant and passed it through the window so I could get in and then I gave it to Steve.

Once inside we started the car and a dark cloud of dust exploded from under the hood -- the smoke encompassed the entire vehicle. We could not see and we couldn't get out, so we knew the protection amulet wanted us to stay inside because it was the safest place for us to be.

Even though we couldn't see, Deedee laid on the horn and put the car in reverse... it went into gear and we were able to move; as we backed up, the darkness started to fade. We soon were able to see out of the windows and luckily we didn't hit anything, or anyone while pulling back.

We were shaken up about the odd experience, but still went on to dinner--- a good meal and a few drinks always seem to make things better. Deedee didn't have any alcohol since she was driving.

We chatted about the experience the whole time we were eating and then I remembered something, we had earlier been on the beach with the vehicle... we may have picked something up while driving through the sand.

When we got back to hotel, we pulled in and the vehicle immediately became consumed with black smoke again... what the hell was going on?

Once again Deedee backed the vehicle up and the admittance vanished. We parked across the street and walked over to our assigned spot. On the ground was the piece you see below.

After seeing it, I have no idea where it came from... the thoughts of the beach didn't seem to make sense --- but somehow it ended up under our vehicle. We picked up the piece and went to work immediately working with it.

Steve's room had a private balcony, so we all met up over there and started testing the piece. The energies that came forth were amazing; we were able to find out that the piece held a raptured spirit.

The spirit belonged to Marissa Donegal. Marissa was a Sorceress who held extremely powerful skills and was killed while performing an enchantment ritual on the beach. A monstrous wave came upon the beach and overtook her body, she was killed by the ocean. Although her body was never found, this piece was washed upon the shores--- it was her connectivity emblem.

It is believed that a child found the item and showed it to their parents when they were leaving and the parents made them "get rid" of the piece, hence is how it ended up in our parking spot.

The black embarking that occurred was to showcase to us the energies that were within the piece. Spirits can pick up on the sensitivities of humans. Since our vehicle was filled with a multitude of abilities and powers, Marissa tried to get our attention!

Her spirit invokes complete mastery powers that she wants to proclaim upon a living spirit. The passion of power never dies; Marissa wants to share her immense knowledge with someone who truly wants to excel with magic.

With this piece you will receive primal powers, divine power, dexterity, strength, wisdom and charisma.

Marissa will bond with your spirit and change you into a mastery sorcerer or sorceress.

She is a majestic Queen that lost her life too early, she remains unsettled because there is so much she wanted to do with her immense powers --- she will use you as her pawn to continue on her reign of strength and ability. You will love all you will gain!

I personally like this piece because it is not the be all end all of supernatural ability but it gives you a good close personal relationship with a spirit that truly wants a and is royal and has drive with a great personality. Many times having a good close and real connection as well as friendship with a spirit is helpful to them as well as you. You gain stronger telepathy and psychic ability and they get a connection to a world where the living can connect with them. This piece is just a vintage bracelet but it is pretty and once it is in your home she will help you,and bound pretty darn fast.
Sorceress Marissa
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