Spirited Spoon

Spirited Spoon

This item is known as a witches spoon. It was used by an entire coven of witch’s in this century. It held many purposes.

First it was used to mix elixirs, tonics, herbs, spelled formulas and anything concocted by the coven or an individual witch from the coven.

Each time used for any of the above the spoon would absorb the powers of the spells. This meant each time when used to even stir a liquid of any sort it would bring alive the power of the spells within.

Over time the spoon held within hundreds and hundreds of spells to aid one in their mortal existence. A witch’s spoon is a powerful item in that it holds every successful spell or power brought forth from an entire coven. Many covens will pass along such an item(this is an ancient practice) to another coven or practitioner as an all encompassing blessings of their powers and as a sign of gratitude to mother goddess and the universe for answering the calls of the spells needed.

This spoon encompasses the powers of an entire coven. This coven is of white light and beauty and all spells were cast with respect to the universe and all energies and vibrations within.

One who holds the spoon and uses weekly to stir any liquid drink and then consume the drink is bringing forth the power of the spells into their life. Done under a full moon brings even stronger results.

This witch’s spoon has within spells dealing with the following areas. Now do note that there are hundreds and hundreds of spells within and I cannot list them all. Here are some; Also I should mention the witch’s spoon works with you and will only awaken spells you need and desire.

The spells are: Wealth, Luck, Money Attraction, Removal of Bad Luck, Protection, Love,  Self Love, Finding of Soul Mate, Opening of Third Eye, Attraction of you, soul circle, Dream Magic, Perfected Intuition, Past Life Knowledge, Raising of Energies, Energies for your own spell casting, Bringing forth of your spirit guide,  Passion, Heighten Sex, Success in Career, Motivation, Energy, Endurance, Beauty Spells, Cleansing Spells, Grounding Spells, Understanding Soul Path, Peace and Calming, Courage.

The list is endless. This spoon will be the perfect addition in your life. It will help to set all positive energies and vibrations in alignment so that your thoughts manifest into reality. It will help attract into your life what you need and desire and open many new doors for you.

Do not let this rare chance pass you by~!

Spirited Spoon
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