Spirits of Sexual Pleasures

Spirits of sexual pleasures

Vestal virgins were sought after to give 30 years of service to Vesta, the goddess of the family. They had to keep the vestal flame burning and were in positions of great honor as the only female priests in ancient Rome. Now, if one of these pretty young girls absent-mindedly forgot to keep the fire going, she would be flogged til she bled.

If, heaven forbid, she slipped up in the area of virginity, she was buried alive. Oh, and to make matters worse, the lazy vestal virgin who slept in and let the fire go out was not just likely to get a flogging: letting the fire die was a sign of loss of virginity. In other words, she got flogged, then buried alive -- just for sleeping in!

There was a building being constructed in modern day Luxembourg, and when they were digging the foundation they found human remains... many, many human remains!

These were all found to be women ranging from 13-30; Adita's roommate was called in to help with the examination of the bones --- when Lauren, Adita's roomie, got back home she had a strong presence of a spirit around her; Adita picked up on this right away.

She told Lauren that the spirits must still remain with the bones. Lauren asked if Adita would come with and see if she got any feelings or callings while in the room with all of the remains.

Adita went and fell overwhelmed by the experience. She was chilled by the amount of activity in the room; she contacted Deedee immediately and asked if she would make a trip to come help put the puzzle pieces together.

Deedee knew that the remains were from girls who were forced to watch the fire burn, the vestal virgins.

She brought cleansed vessels with her to help attract the spirits from the bones. They normally will stay near there skeleton if they are trapped, or have been abused. These women were all buried alive, most for having sex with a guard that would come and check on them.

The guards would tempt them, flirt and lure them, and then turn them in. Once they were buried alive, a new young maiden would be placed in to keep watch on the flame --- this excited the guard -- new meat.

These women had tragic deaths, but their spirits loved the sex that they had. They are aroused, horny and lusting for more sex. They died to have it, and now they are hungry to gratify others!

Deedee has pulled the spirits and placed them into the items you see below. They are possessed with sexual fascination, allure and immense sexual energy.

Regardless of your gender, you will gain the most incredible sexual pleasure from the spirit that will be in your piece.

Sex spirits can do things and perform tingling tricks that a human partner cannot do. You will never be sexually frustrated again --- you will get your nasty desires come to life when you allow these young girls who died for sex to continue their build up of sexual energy into your soul.

You will have your head spun right round when you adorn one of these!!

Spirits of Sexual Pleasures
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