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* This happened to an old school mate of mine named Kaleb while he was staying in an old house where his sister used to line in Texas.<br /><br />

Kaleb just returned from a long trip in Europe, and he got his returning flight to arrive in El Paso where he could stop and visit his sister before returning to PA. His sister lived in a very old house, that used to be part of a civil war era fort or barracks, near the border of Mexico. <br /><br />

He spent most of evening talking with Charlotte, his sister, about the places he visited and people he met, just the usual conversation; then late at night she went to sleep and he stayed in the living room watching TV. After a while, and after nothing to watch on TV, he decided to go to sleep also, right there on the couch. <br /><br />

Kaleb couldn't sleep because of jet lag, and when he was finally starting to dose off, something woke him up; like a noise or a feeling of somebody else around. He checked the windows and doors, looked outside, even checked on his sister to see if she was still sleeping, but everything was normal. He returned to the couch, once again trying to sleep, and once again, that feeling, of being watched or not to be the only awake people around, this time I only looked outside the living room windows, in case someone could be outside watching or anything... but no, no one there...by this time I just laid on the couch...forgot about sleeping again; just watched the ceiling, thinking about something else, and then that sensation.... but this time it was different!<br /><br />

Kaleb felt the sensation as he moved from the hallway to the kitchen...he then was stopped in his tracks and felt a chill up his spine, he looked over his shoulder and saw a figure walking towards him down the shadowy hallway.<br /><br />

At first he thought it could have been his sister, but no, this was a man like 6 1" and his sister is just 5 6", this was a large thin man wearing something in dark color, he had something on his hands, but  Kaleb could not see it very well... this figure walked a few more steps, reaching the kitchen, then stopped, I was just there watching it and he did the same, then he walked backwards 2 or 3 steps and then turned around and went into the bathroom. <br /><br />

Kaleb got brave and followed him, but there was no one or anything out of place; the 'man' vanished. Finally he said he fell asleep around 6 a.m., he said he dreamt about this entity, but now he could see him in full color!<br /><br />

The man happened to be a soldier from the 19th century or so and he was tall and slim and looked like he was sick or something. The soldier was very pale, you could see like an unbearable pain on his face and he looked somewhat tired. Kaleb stated that it was as if he would have been disoriented, or lost?! <br /><br />

When he woke up, he asked Charlotte about the house, and whether any strange events took place there? She told me about a friend staying overnight, who woke up in the middle of the night terrified by an apparition of a tall slim man wearing an old uniform...<br /><br />

Kaleb learned that his sisters place was the old outpost. The entity remained after his death. He contacted me because he knows of my job and Deedee and I flew to Texas to explore this home.<br /><br />

This investigation was in 2007... we were glorified by the powerful energies that erupted within the home. This man was Lieutenant William Donella... he was a visionary who was drafted into the service; his sensitivity shined in allotting the warfare and welfare of his fellow soldiers. <br /><br />

He ended up losing his life because he imploded himself on a landmine to save others lives. His integrity and honor remain constant in his spirit. Due to his will to continue his legacy of gifted visions and powers he has not been able to rest. He tried to find someone to share his former life's gifts with, but no one has allowed him the ability when he would try to come forward to them!<br /><br />

Deedee was able to showcase her gifts to him and he willingly omitted upon a vessel noting that he would progress a desired mind with his strengths and gifts... he simply would need to know there is no ill intentions.<br /><br />

This piece will allow you to bond with William and culminate his powers into you. You will be instilled with full psychic visions, empathy abilities, astral projection, medium-ship and clairvoyance.<br /><br />

He is excited to employ his gifts upon a new soul that can still walk the Earth and use the powers to help and assist~!<br /><br />

Deedee and I were both amazed by his adherence to progress his powers and make sure they remain helping the world --- this is an awesome opportunity to truly advance your para-psychological under-laments!<br /><br />

Spiritual Awakening Gifts
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