Spiritual Wealth Battlers

Sometimes when people die they are sent to after life with the same mission that they had in life.  Well, this goes against some people's religious beliefs and I don't mean to stir up controversy, but it does happen.  For instance, there are ghosts that just haven't gotten used to the fact that they have passed from the mortal realm into the afterlife.  They replay their last days over and over and over again, simply because they haven't been able to cross-over due to the confusion.  I've run into haunts such as these many times.  Although, what I'm getting at isn't exactly that type of scenario, it is very similar.  Take a look below.  

This group of items will each summon an army of Einherjar.  Don't know what those are?  That's okay, I wasn't expecting you to.  The Einherjar are those who were recognized as warriors who fought and served for their people in ancient Norse times.  They were carried by the Valkyries into the land of heaven that they call Valhalla.  The main objective of the Einherjarwhile they were mortal soldiers was to attack and plunder other people's establishments so that way they could steal all the valuables in the village or town to keep them for themselves.  In other words, in was all about the booty!  

Likewise, when you use one of these items, you will gain an army of these spirit soldiers.  I mean, it summons them straight out of Valhalla to serve in your spirit army.  They will travel the realms, in full battle mode, seeking out wealth and wealth powers.  They are relentless when it comes to doing this, because it means nothing more to them than to please their commander and seeing as though you are the one summoning them, you are their commanders.  With that having been said, this piece will bring you all the spoils of the battle as far as wealth.  Soon after you begin using your piece, you will also begin to see your wealth increase exponentially!! 



Spiritual Wealth Battlers
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