"Spread" the Word

"Spread" the Word

This item is fascinating and exceptionally easy to use!

This is ideal for your holiday parties that are coming up!! What you need to do is hold this in your hands, as you meditate, and think about an idea, concept or theory that you truly believe in and want others to open their eyes too!

Allow your mind to fully be open to all you sense from this topic and then once your mind has cleared, wrap this in a cloth napkin, or any piece of fabric. Do not remove it until you go to use it. Place it in a cheese ball, or in jam, or something that you have out for others to enjoy at your holiday party --- and everyone who touches the handle will be equipped with the thoughts that you meditated about --- they will be enriched with the new conceptual way of thinking ... and when you discuss the idea, concept or belief you will learn that they feel the same way!!

This is an awesome way to help change the ideals of small minded people -- and the control that you have is phenomenal~!! This is an amazing piece!

"Spread" the Word
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