St. Patrick's Day Luck Item # 5-SALE-R

St. Patrick's Day Luck Item # 5

We encounter an array of leprechauns while inside realms of the paranormal. The Ferrel Mountain realm houses the home to exotic Lopund Leprechauns.

These leprechauns hold amazing abilities that they share with those who catch them. Not every leprechaun is noted for wealth, these babies are notes for their strengths in other areas.

We have collected 5 leprechauns from the realm, over a series of visits, that we have kept for a special St. Patrick's Day treat.

These leprechauns have to be portaled inside a vessel to be brought back to our physical world.

This piece holds the leprechaun Wilcanor, he is known for his ability to know things about everyone without any former information. He was noted as the psychic of the Ferrel Mountains.

With this piece you will be able to bond and then use his power of Clairvoyance. This will allow you to know about a person, place, thing, or event without using the ordinary five senses to gather that information.

Wilcanor will make you a clairvoyant and your power will bring vast knowledge of people you will encounter in the present, rather than that of the past or future.

St. Patrick's Day  Luck Item # 5-SALE-R
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