Stars of Poseidon; Mermaid Wealth

We got this piece as result of a seance that we held.  We held the seance because always like to have an assortment of items for our customers to choose from.  Some people love vampires, others love werewolves, some go crazy over mermaids.  For those who have an affinity with the latter part of that previous statement, this piece is for you.  Originally, we had gone into this just looking for the ability to draw some sort of astral travel power, to be able to allow the user to experience what it feels like to mermaid-- because that is what our customers want; so we work hard to deliver results aside from the random pieces that we find on invvestigation and such.  When we opened up the astral portal to try and draw in a mermaid, we got a little more than be bargained for and that's okay. 

This necklace is made up of six stargish pendants.  Of course we did this to pay homage to the powers that were originally supposed to be in this piece.  It's not that the original powers of the piece haven't been placed ito this piece like we inteded to do.  I just want to make that clear. The fact of the matter is that when we were searching for mermaids to pull through the astral realms so that way we could make a simple piece.  While we were doing this, we came across one of the daughters of Poseidon named Daphne.  If you've never heard of her before, don't be surprised.  Poseidon has thousands of daughters from the many exploits he had with women when he would drag them to the depths of the sea to make love with them.  He had a passion for women and when his seed would spill into the ocean it would become fertilized.  Thus, he would birth chilren that he never knew about.  We didn't know about her either, until we pulled her through during the astral seance that I was telling you about earlier. 

When we pulled Daphne through the realms, she gave us the energy to magically charge this piece so that whomever uses it can astrally travel to the realm of mermaids, who reside in the depths of the ocean that humans couldn't possibly travel to.  However, the most important part of this item is the wealth powers that were also give to us.  Each of the six stars on this necklace now represent a wealth spell that has been cast into the by Daphne, dauhter of Poseidon.  It has been well known for a long time that mermaids have a natural attraction for wealth, which is why a lot of times they can be found among the wreckage of ships and other things that fall to the bottom of the ocean that might be filled with riches.   Either way, this piece contains six personal wealth spells form the immortal mermaid Daphne.  They are the same spells that she uses for herself on a normal basis to attract and amass large amounts of wealth for herself, which she then hoards in her mermaid realm.  THe point is that these immortal spells are very powerful and will search across layers of existence and muliptle realms just to bring you wealth and/or wealth powers.  They will not disappoint and we guarantee this because we have tested these power ourselves! 

Stars of Poseidon; Mermaid Wealth
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