Stem of Life


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I will continue on with information about the Blood General and things I learned in Heaven when I get back. The Blood General is King Louies duplicate. No one is seeing him unless King Louie lets him.FROM THE SEED STEMS LIFE

Trees provide us with the oxygen we all need to live and sustain life. They clean the air and offer us shade and protection. They provide shelter to an enormous array of wildlife. None that dwell on the Earth would be able survive without the mighty and the minute trees that grow on it. In fact, trees supply imperative environmental sustenance to the world by regulating the climate and bringing water into the earth.

Trees also provide many with fruit and nuts to eat. If there was no other food on the Earth but fruit and nut trees we would still be able to sustain life because both of these foods are so nutritious. Apple, orange, pear, plum, lime, lemon, guava, cherries, peach, coconut, fig, walnut, almond, chestnut, hazelnut; the list goes on and on. Their roots, bark and fruits are used for healing and curing us.

Many medicines come from some type of species of tree. Our homes are built with trees, our fires are burned with trees, the paper we write on and create art on comes from trees. We utilize the wood of trees for an unbelievable amount of practical and whimsical uses.

Trees have so much mythology and legend surrounding them that they are unsurpassed in this regard. The tree gives. It gives of its oxygen, fruit, wood, shelter, shade, and knowledge.

From the remnants of purity and successions that grow from the ground brings about magnificent possessions of power.

These items came from the Ambal Tree found in Bulgaria. It is noted as a virtuous sacred figment that holds miraculous limbs. These pieces were consumed with the absolution of the power from the limbs and will bring you knowledge, wisdom, solidity, understanding, and bring you nurturing instincts.

You also will gain magical virtues that will possess you with the ability to attract benevolent forces, attract luck and wealth, and ward of negative forces and energies.

One of the best parts is the mental clarity that will be relinquished to embody you with stronger mental abilities!

These pieces are instant connectors and will put you at ease when they radiate with in your body~

We've used gotten rid of all the pieces except for this one.  It's okay because this was the most powerful out of the whole bunch!! Enjoy!! 

Stem of Life
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