Stench of a Dragon Spawn,Rare Wealth

Okay, these pieces are definitely unique in the fact that I don't know if I've ever encountered a being that is as reviled as this one without ever having to say a world.  The Bonnacon is the offspring of ancient dragons who mated with reptilian life forms on Earth while the dinosaurs were still in existence before the Ice Age.  They prefer to live the life of seclusion, lest they be bothered to give out the secret of the of the blood line of the dragon, who was long considered to be the emperor over just about knowledge there is to know.  Dragons are said to have been on the Earth long before any other life form, as they are land/sea hybrids.  In some accounts Dragons even hold of the Tree of Life from where all knowledge and forms of magic flow.  Although they are half reptilian, the Bonnacon is the perfect race to be able to extract the true knowledge of existence and all astrological magic as this is the magic that was used to create the world and the Dragon guards over all other creatures of the zodiac.  He also holds the divine secrets to wealth, which is what most cave dragon's guard.  

However, to find a Bonnacon is extremely rare.  We managed to get several of these pieces which is extremely lucky and each of them holds the power to summon the knowledge of aBonnacon.  The process couldn't have been easy though, because the Bonnacon, to keep people away, excretes the most foul stinking, acidic dung that you can imagine.  Those who have smelled it says it smells worse than the burning, smoldering ashes of flesh that are in hell.  That HAS to be a bad smell.  However, we have determined workers who desire to bring us interesting things and they stop at nothing.  

Each of these items summons the presence of the Bonnacon, who will first and foremost give you ancient forms of astrological magic, whom his elders reside over.  It will give you the secret meanings of the sun, the moon, the stars, the constellations, and all other magic that there is to encounter in the stars.  These magics are pretty much all alchemy types of magic that will allow you to make your own forms of magic by capturing the energies that fall to earth from space.  The dragon oversees these energies and is thus the ruler over the zodiac.  Secondly, this piece will act as a protector against spiritual harm.  It will not stink when you receive it or when he manifests himself from you, however, on the spiritual plain his stench goes on forever.  It will exhume this stench in such a way that even the most evil entities or negative of spiritual leeches will not want to wander your way.  In this way these pieces will keep you safe form spiritual attacks, demonic possession, and free from attack by minor beings such as poltergeists and other annoying beings. 


Heavy duty sterling silver build for a man but can also be worn by a woman dragon tamer! Squash the stucks up,flaunt your ass and get what you need.

Stench of a Dragon Spawn,Rare Wealth
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