Steve's Hot and Steamy Sex Nymphs

Steve's Hot and Steamy Sex Nymphs!! <br /><br />

These are delectable little items of sheer joy and pleasure. As you can see in my picture, I had an amazing time trying these items on. Jason loved it so much that he just had to snap a picture. It also helps that you get an idea of what these items look like when you use them. You don't have to necessarily use these items as nipples tassels... they are actually clip on earrings that house enchanted sex nymphs. Rather, if you simply meditate with your item, it will manifest the fullest extent of your sex nymph to you. <br /><br />

Allow me to explain that these little sex nymphs are morphological. This means that they are spirits in true form. They have no gender and know no bounds. For instance, when a fellow tester used this piece, his ideal woman began to take form for him. They had a steamy sexual encounter together. I videotaped. <br /><br />

My experience with this piece went as follows. I began using the piece one night, because I was hot and bothered by an encounter that almost happened and didn't. I was determined to get mine, though. I figured that this was as good a time as any to begin the investigation. I often time save the sex items for nights such as these. <br /><br />

As I watched I could not BELIEVE what I saw transform in front of my eyes, in spite of the fact that I've tested pieces like this before. As I lay in my bed, meditating with this piece, I heard a knock at my bedroom door. In came hunkiest, most beautiful man that I have ever seen in my life. He had the most piercing blue eyes I've ever seen in my life, with jet black hair. His chest and abs were chiseled to perfection, almost as if they were hand-crafted from marble. <br /><br />

I felt myself begin to lose control. My body began to tremble as my man lurked forward, ready to please. Somewhere between the whips and leather I entered a state of ecstasy and euphoria that I have never, until this man hit all of the right hot spots, encountered in my life. It was nice to have a man and not a boy, for once. Either way, he knew what he was doing and I was able to fully appreciate. I can tell you that I have never, ever, EVER experienced an orgasm like the one he provided for me that night. <br /><br />

I was so sexually enticed by the powers in these items that I didn't want to give them up; but I'm not a stingy person and all good things must come to an end. This is why I am making them available on the website. Whomever is reading this description should probably jump on the purchasing train right now, because these items are so sexually explicit that I guarantee its ability to satisfy. It will even give you the same powers that your nymph holds, so that way you can completely satisfy your partner... or partners-- to each his (or her) own. Remember, I hated giving these up, so make sure you put them to good use!! <br /><br />

Steve's Hot and Steamy Sex Nymphs
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