Strength Joins, Death Does Not Separate

Strength Joins, Death Does Not Separate<br /><br />

The power in this ring as been around since the beginning of time.  It has seen many facets of magic that have stretched the time span of the existence of the world.  I received this piece from a client of mine Franco, when he dug it up on a construction sight of a new bridge the are buidling close to home.  The ring was found on the finger of dead body of a man who perished when a row of homes caught fire. <br /><br />

When I received the piece I began working with it immediately.  The first thing that stuck out in my mind is the inscription in Latin that reads “VIRTUS JUNXIT MORS NON SEPARABIT."  Upon translating this phrase, I took even more of an interest in the ring, because the inscription means, "Strength Joins, Death Does Not Separate"<br /><br />

This phrase alone tells how powerful this ring is.  The power that is in it has survived millennia and has been rejuvenated by many different groups.  As time progresses and people come and go, powers and energies will always exist.  Keeping this in mind, new ones will always develop.  The power in this ring has snowballed, until it has grown and transformed into what it is today.  It is a guardian spirit that has travelled many walks of life and has acquired many new powers along the way.  It has been to the pyramids.  It has been to holy places.  It has seen the hands of many a powerful man.  The markings on the ring symbolize its journey, and unify all of the powers into one distinct source that will never die.<br /><br /> 

The first marking is the is the triangle that signifies the pyramids.  Pyramids aren't just found in Egypt, they are found all over the world.  If you could lay the world flat, each pyramid matches up to a specific start.  Stars belong to constellations.  In this way, pyramids have been crafted by the alchemy of the world.  This is why they are so mystic and hold such a great deal of power and magic.<br /><br /> 

If you notice the little marking inside of the pyramid, this signifes that this ring gives you boomerang power from the pyramids.  The power that has entered the pyramid will be transposed into you.  The matterial that this marking has been made from has been scraped from the eye sockets of a a being that is housed in a series of 17 pyramids that have just recently been discovered in Egypt.  It has been mixed with ink and set into this ring.  It allows you to look through the ancient eyes of this wise being.  He will give you the energies associated with all 17 of his pyramids and the knowledge of the ancients.<br /><br /> 

The second symbol is actually a pair of symbols.  It is a pair of crosses that signify an association with the Knights Templar, which is short for The Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.  The crosses have been colored red in the same fashion of gutta-percha.  The blood has been mixed with ink to color the crosses red, and to fill the ring with the divination of the fallen, who have died in the name of Christ.  This ring has been to the Temple of Solomon to obtain the power of the Holy Trinity.  It holds the bloodline of the Knights Templar, which is ultimately the bloodline of Christ.  You will obtain powers accordingly. <br /><br />

Last, but certainly not least is the Freemason symbol.  This piece has been passed around the Freemason community like a door knob and many people have had their turn.  It adheres to the Freemason code.  It holds the secret alchemy of the Freemasons.  It most recently belonged to a member of the Grand Orient de France.  He was a wizard and fully understood the presence in ring.  He charmed the ring with a Freemason spell, which is how the Freemason symobl got on the ring.  It will bring you the wealth and prestige of belonging to the Freemasons.  It will bring you their enlightenment and understanding of life and all of the magic that goes along with it.<br /><br />  

On the top of the ring you will notice a double eagle.  He holds the knowledge of eternity and is symbolic of omniscience.  With this piece you will become and all-knowing part of the testament that is withheld by this ring.  The spiritual guardian inside of this ring will allow you to access the powers that are in this ring.  This ring is 14k gold and at one time was the possession of one Arthur W Roos, as you can see on the ring.  I searched the newspaper morgue and wasn't able to find of trace of him.  This just goes to show how secretive the power is.<br /><br />

It is time for the legacy to continue.  This piece is one-of-a-kind.  There will never be another like.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Just keep in mind that since I only have one-- once it's gone, it's gone.  <br /><br />

Strength Joins, Death Does Not Separate
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