Succubus Snake

Succubus Snake

This slithering lady is energized with black magic! She will have sex with you in this form; as the end of her tail turns into a penis, it is with this she will give it to you~!

It doesn't matter if you are male, or female, gay or straight, she will give it to you good.

She is rough and will pound you ... and as the pounding occurs she will impart her fury of  dark magic into your body.

We do not offer many black magic items, so for those who have been seeking, jump at this, as they are few and far between -- especially one this majestic and full of force.

The main tester of this piece did not want to give it back, as he said the sensation felt when being injected with the power is incredible, and he is a heterosexual man who is married with kids. He NEVER had any experience with men, and so noting she is a woman he was okay with the idea of her using her tails in this manner.

He has had many encounters with entities from the Underworld and said many gates and avenues were opened for him.

Normally we would allow the tester to buy the piece, if so desired... but we have not had a rarity like this come through in a long time... so we told him he would have to try and get it once it hit the site... and he has no clue when it will be posted -- so get it before he realizes she is up for grabs!


Succubus Snake
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