Super Charged Electric Powers

Energetic Invasion ~

In the Philippines, an entrancing healer, has the ability to materialize and dematerialize matter. The shaman will enter a mild trance, where he can gain the supernatural ability to perform absorption of bioelectricity.

As early as the 19th century, there have been cases of people being electrically charged or magnetized, resulting in an odd electromagnetic effect on the objects around them. Some people even show allergic reactions to technology, finding it difficult to live around devices that emit too much magnetic and electrical charge.

There have been cases of people being so charged that they are able to light a bulb simply by holding it. Others cause fuses to blow out, without any means of controlling the effect. It’s even been recorded that people with this strong force can give a static electricity shock continuously, and be powerful enough to actually hurt someone.

The Shaman put his absorbed multitude of power and ability to materialize and dematerialize matter into a collection of pieces that he passed on to students who he taught his abilities to.

One of the students is a private buyer of ours and he told the Shaman about items he has from us that have done wonders for him and so the Shaman told him to send a piece to Deedee.

With respect to the Shaman, Deedee worked with and used the electrical charge of power to assist her with many things and then she asked if he cared if she passed on the power --- he was honored that she enjoyed the piece and was able to retrieve his invoked energies and now wanted to share it with her clients.

There is only one of these that we have available and it will not last long!! The facet of fused power and electric charge is intense and amazing and can be used for many attributes of magic and life --- it will stand out to you if you are someone who knows how amazing this energetic power can be in a natural life~

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