SuperNova Powers

SuperNova Powers

In may of 2009, a massive star about 150 times the size of the Sun exploded in what was later to be discovered as a long sought after, brand new type of Supernova. Scientists at Nasa have labeled a Supernova star as what occurs when a huge, super active, mature stars runs out of fuel to support its infrastructure. It then will collapse in on itself.

However, Nasa scientists believe this particular star was was destroyed in an explosion which blasted all its material into space, rather that imploding on itself. The debris that was caused by this explosion was expelled into the universe to settle where it may.

The explosion itself, could be seen to peak for about 70 days. During this time frame, the star it is thought to have shone about five times more brightly than any supernova seen in the past. In fact, according to one Nasa scientists this star was a "truly monstrous explosion, a hundred times more energetic than a typical supernova". Essentially, this star reached the maximum, at 150 times the power and energy of the Earth's own sun. An explosion, even at 240 million light years away, hasn't been seen like this in the history of our galaxy... ever.

The whole point to my little astrological lesson is that, we can never ever tell everything about our existence, at any point in time. In fact, the universe is so wildly unknown and unpredictable that not even time is guaranteed to operate as we currently know it. The time we experience is relative to the knowledge and intellect we know as humans. And although, it might seem like the Romans and the Greeks and the Egyptians existed an eternity ago, as a race the humans are fledgling. I know, because I have had encountered races of beings that are as many as 1500 years older than we are. I'm sure that I haven't even seen it all. Somewhere out there, there is an advanced civilization that is so old, that I can't even put a number. Simply put, I have yet to discover them.

Anyway, some of these pieces hit Earths' outer ozone layer. I know it sounds bizarre, with the start being 240 million light years away, but hear me out. These pieces that visited Earth's outer atmosphere, most of which burned upon the entrance thereof, are a new sort of scientific compound. It defies the laws of science as we humans know it; and why not? We can't possibly know everything.

The debris arrive here so quickly due to its ability to control and defy the odds of time and time travel. I was fortunate enough to receive one of the piece that made it to the surface of Earth. I have channeled the energy of the afore mentioned space debris into the piece that you see here.

With this piece, you will hold the very fundamentals of time as we know it. This is a magic that exists in the outer galaxy and has been stored there by a much more advance alien civilization. It holds a magic that is so old that our time system isn't able to even put a date on it. It will allow you to control time to travel back and forth in time at your own discretion. You can use this piece to travel to any time, point, period, or era. It will provide you protection on your journeys.

Additionally, it will give you secrets of an advanced alien civilization. You will be able to use to use this knowledge to defy concepts of technology as humans understand them. Want to dial someone up using brainwaves, and be able to speak into their brain? With this piece nothing is weird, bar no holds. You will receive the piece that you see here.

The piece you see here holds an alien skin from a Reptilian,it is actual skin. I will also be placing on real pictures that we were able to get out out of Fort Dix that shows damage done by a UFO to one of the air ships. This ship was taken up and the men came back old,one came back as an infant. Weird stuff for sure. I will add them next.
SuperNova Powers
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