Superior Extraterrestrial


Superior Extraterrestrial -- 

An illustrious empowerment of alien lifeforms -- we have a token piece that connects to Rhakar, an alien who journeys to Earth to live among humans to gain information, insight and answers for his race~! 

Extraterrestrial life is life originating outside of the Earth.  Most scientists believe that if extraterrestrial life exists, its emergence occurred independently, in different places in the universe. 

An alternative hypothesis is panspermia, which suggests that life might emerge in one location and then spread between habitable planets. These two hypotheses are not mutually exclusive. The study and theorization of extraterrestrial life is known as astrobiology, exobiology or xenobiology.

Although remote astronomical observations of a planet or other celestial body provide information about its physical environment, the determination of the presence of life on these bodies is more difficult. 

Exobiological techniques are designed to detect life forms, artifacts produced by intelligent life, waste produces of metabolic reactions, remnants of former life, prebiological molecules that may reflect early evolutionary stages or substances such as carbon or combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen forming water that are necessary for the sustenance of life as it is experienced on Earth. 

In 1948 the US Air Force commenced maintaining a file of reports relating to extraterrestrial phenomena called Project Blue Book. In July 1952, the US Government established a panel of scientists including engineers, meteorologists, physicists and an astronomer to investigate a series of radar detection coincident with visual sightings near the national airport in Washington DC. The panel was organized by the Central Intelligence Agency, which underscores the thrust of public and government concern and interest at the time. 

The concern was based on US military activities and intelligence and that its report was originally classified Secret. Later declassified, the report revealed that 90 percent of UFO sightings could be readily identified with astronomical and meteorological phenomena (eg bright planets, meteors, auroras, ion clouds) or with aircraft, birds, balloons, searchlights, hot gases, and other phenomena, sometimes complicated by unusual meteorological conditions.

Fundamental truths

The publicity given to early sightings in the press undoubtedly helped stimulate further sightings not only in the US but also in Western Europe, the Soviet Union, Australia, and elsewhere. 

A second panel established in February 1966 reached conclusions similar to those of its predecessor. This left a number of sightings admittedly unexplained, and in the mid-1960s a few scientists and engineers, notably James E. McDonald, an Arizona University meteorologist, and J Allen Hynek, a Northwestern University astronomer, concluded that a small percentage of the most reliable UFO reports gave definite indications of the presence of extraterrestrial visitors. 

This sensational hypothesis, promoted in newspaper and magazine articles, met with prompt resistance from other scientists. The continuing controversy led in 1968 to the sponsorship by the US Air Force of a study at the Colorado University under the direction of EU Condon, a noted physicist. 

The Condon Report, A Scientific Study of UFOs was reviewed by a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences and releazed in early 1969. A total of 37 scientists wrote chapters or parts of chapters for the report, which covered investigations of 59 UFO sightings in detail, analyzed public-opinion polls and reviewed the capabilities of radar and photography. Condons own Conclusions and Recommendations firmly rejected ETH - the extraterrestrial hypothesis - and declared that no further investigation was needed.

We have to be mindful of a few fundamental truths. Firstly, if we come across any form of life in outer space it will be the concern of all humankind. Second, any treatment of such life, irrespective of the fact that it is found in outer space, should be according to the principles of international law and the United Nations Charter. 

Within these parameters, yes, we could send more probes to investigate further. Yes, we could even put up a do not disturb sign. But whatever we do, we are bound by the principles of responsibility and international accountability to treat life in outer space with the same dignity accorded to life on Earth. 

**Rhakar has been introduced to Shine and this is how we learned of his disguise and ways of learning about humans. Scientists still hold on to threads not knowing that they are among us daily. Now you will be able to gain a direct bond to alien life-forms. A vortex that connects to Rhakar and his family is continuant within this piece -- and will embrace your spirit to allow you to impart the powers and distinctions of aliens upon you.

You will be protected and will be able to cast their secrets and abilities into your aura, bringing back the powers to your physical life on Earth. Endless possibilities with this piece!


Superior Extraterrestrial
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