Sweet and Salty Pleasure

Sweet and Salty Pleasure/F*

The world of dominance and submission exists simultaneously with this sex piece! Although it’s very secretive, and its participants usually hide their preferences from their friends and relatives, and sometimes even their marital partners, the links and connections between those of the S/M world are very powerful.

One of the "normal-sex" people could wonder why anyone would enjoy and become aroused only when afflicted with hurt, while at the same time, their wives lay like androids beneath them , waiting for the job to get done.

Sex has no boundaries. When two have made arrangements and both agreed to share their most dark needs and pleasures, no such word as abnormal could be applied. The only thing truly holding a mass majority of humans to completely enjoy their sexuality lies mostly in their religious or cultural upbringing. "Oh, God, what would my husband think of me if I ask him to spank me? He will think I’m dirty and a whore and he will no longer love me". At the same time, while wifie is at work, he’s watching DVDs and gets off on ladies in black with whips in their hands and pierced nipples, thinking how he’s been a real bad boy who would really like to feel that whip ripping his butt till it bleeds.

So, they mostly do their missionary, or sometimes even doggy style.

In the office sex seems to be a topic that always emerges, after having many requests for sex infused pieces we decided to get more info. on desires and sent Adita into the world of extreme sexual fantasies.

She wore pvc boots, a corset and tiny panties and walked into the secretive world of S and M, to find out what's that special and why it is so secretive?

She was surprised by her findings; the profiles of the submissive can be described like this: they are usually very high paid and highly positioned males who dictate and give orders and make high risk decisions. They are those men wearing suits with small wives who have no say in the household. Picture an archetype of an SS officer, and you’ll be on the track.

But under the mask of the cruel tyrant, there’s a little slave boy who needs to get punished for what he is. He feels his life is nothing but a show of domination, domination over his wife, his kids, his employees. In day world, he would never ever confess that he has feelings, cause feelings are not wanted in that world, where all is lead by numbers, statistics and results. If he stops even for a second, and shows he is human too, his whole world would self implode and there would no more be adjectives in front of his name.

But night comes, and that hunting dog becomes a little slave boy who wants his punishment so bad. He wants his liberation. He needs his forgiveness. He needs his PAIN.

And why does he need that? For the same reasons those hypocrites who lay like androids don’t. Fear of God. Fear of eternal punishment. Burning in Hell. So they create the Hell of their own to get even with that something above who may or may not exist. And they enjoy it. Oh yes, how they enjoy it. Every smack they get gets them closer to their absolution.

On the other hand, to understand a dominatrix is much more simple but at the same time even more deep.

Hurting others gives them something we can best describe as food. Why does someone have that need and how are those different from those God fearing honest people?

Adita loved this assignment and showcased that the energies in freeing the everyday restraints of the 'normal' sex life made her feel more alive and free. Adita wore a energy emergence bracelet when she submerged herself into this sexual world. We extracted the energies from the bracelet and used the heightened sexual arousal in the energy to evoke this sex item!

It is extremely amazing. It recharges itself with your sexual energy, once you allow the energy within it to bond with your spirit. This is the sex piece of all sex pieces... it will bring you toe curling orgasms and ignite you with the absolute confidence to be exploratory and open in the bedroom; never question how you look, sound or come across to your partner --- enjoy yourself and be free to experience a new found explosive sex life ~!

Simply Amazing --- a must have for anyone who has been waiting to release fantasies that have been inside of them for years.

This bracelet works like a handcuff and is adjustable. It is also spring loaded and very well made. There is also a plate where you can get it personalized with your name or the name of your sex spirit. We all Love this piece.

Sweet and Salty Pleasure
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