Synthetic Brainwaves

Synthetic Brainwaves <br /><br />


It was recently announced that China is due to launch their first unmanned space station into space.  It is being celebrated as a technological breakthrough; and it very well may be.  However, it definitely isn’t they type of breakthrough that they are parading around on televisions and in the news.  Yes, they are launching something into space.  No, it is not a top-notch technological space station, regardless of what they media and Chinese officials want you to believe.  <br /><br />


The project, actually funded by the New World Order, is a type of Psychological Vessel.  It was sent into orbit around the circumference of the Earth.  There is nothing being researched, there is nothing being discovered.  What’s going on is this.  The NWO space program in China has spent the last decade-- or so-- researching and developing a very scary technology—synthetic brainwaves. <br /><br />


The NWO under the disguise of the Chinese government has launched these waves into space.  It is only a matter of time, before the waves materialize to the point where they can be expelled through the ozone layer and into our atmosphere.  Once this takes place, the brainwaves will bounce around until it enters the mind of an unprotected and unsuspected victim. <br /><br /> 


There is a save, though.  We have it.  It is this piece that we received from one of my contacts from the Pentagon, who happens to be a senior official at the headquarters of the NWO, deep under the ground and Pentagon.  This is a technology that was developed to shield the members of the NWO.  It is designed to look like a normal piece of jewelry.  What it actually holds is a special type of gamma ray that will chemically react with your brain, shield your brain and thought process from harmful rays, such as the synthetic brainwaves that have been developed and are about to be deployed. <br /><br />


It’s only a matter of time before the NWO releases their brainwaves.  They have been trying to take over the minds of the masses for years now.  In some instances they have been successful, but not on a scale as large as the one they are taking on now.  Use this piece to protect yourself!!  More are available if needed. <br /><br />



Synthetic Brainwaves
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