Take me to your Leader-<br /><br />

This piece is made from substance that is not of our world.  It resembles plastic but I’m not really sure what to call it... perhaps intergaLASTIC??  That might be a bit more appropriate, considering that is exactly where it comes from... an alternate galaxy that exists parallel to ours, at the exact same time.  It was left behind by intergalactic visitors to the White House. <br /><br />

We obtained this piece from William Scott Charles, a contact we have from the Pentagon in the highly classified Department of Spatial Relations.  He received this piece and briefing on it that states this piece, “Allows communication between beings of human descent and those beings that are more economically, technologically, and materialistically advanced than our own human race.”<br /><br />

We ran several tests and have confirmed that this piece will indeed allow you to make contact with a race of advanced extraterrestrial beings, whom we haven’t exactly been able to name.  We CAN identify the ambassador with whom we were able to establish communication as being CQR487.  The information that has been disclosed to us via a breach of contract between our source and the Pentagon is very classified.  <br /><br />

You should consider yourself extremely lucky, because what you are getting is assuredly legitimate, as we have tested it several times.  While we weren’t able to establish communication the very first time, each subsequent attempt was a tremendous success.<br /><br />

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