At times you can be brutally honest in your opinions. At times you feel you need to get your point across....and this can come across quite brazen to most~!

You feel you need to ‘fight for your causes’, and lecture your views.

The Divine always says we need to be expressive, we need to be free to expose ourselves, but apparently at times what shoots out of your mouth is indeed taken in the wrong context.

Your mind spins when excited, and you often do not still it enough to maintain what comes out. Afterwards, you notice that your undertones were off canter, the words were not meant right, and you often feel you wish you could take back what you said.

This piece holds a sweet soul that will aid you into grounding your mind, to think deeply prior to you speaking.
This is not a bad quality you have, it is HONORED, however, you get so excited that your mind cannot catch up with your mouth. Honrel, the entity,  will aid you in grounding. You will be able to feel others deeply, and know exactly how to connect with to them.

You are a speaker and will heal many with your words. He says, you have always been a free thinker; always been strong with your causes. However, he states that now the world is more ‘sensitive’ and softer undertones makes a huge difference in getting your point across. The world needs Heart to Heart connection.

Honrel is a man in his 30’s; he wears a suit, he is one who debates or has debated for ‘just causes’. In life he was one to be on a ‘soap box’ giving lectures and people resonating with his words.

He is VERY fluent in his words, and knows just what to say to keep people interested. He does not come off abrasive, but instead the verbiage just flows naturally out of him. He looks deeply in the eyes when he speaks to someone and makes a genuine HEART CONNECTION.  You will feel his words deep within your body~

He has risen and came through in a conjuring to help guide, and teach, those who carelessly let their mouths go, before thinking, or realizing, what they are saying. He wants to connect with you and ensure that you will be filled with the energies to implore a radiance that will kinetically generate a bond that will help you in all avenues of your life. Communicating is the main fundmental to success in all areas, friendships, love, career, etc.; now you can excel and change your habits with his imperial wisdom and training!

Very important piece that will help anyone.

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