This historic playhouse is a hotbed for paranormal activities. The Fulton was built over the foundation of an old prison. In 1763 the prison housed 14 Conestoga Indians who had escaped the Paxton Boys Massacre. The prison was meant to protect the natives, though all it did was made it easier for the mob to torture and kill these poor souls. On a quiet night you can still hear their screams coming from the corner of the building.

In 1852 the theatre went into operation and since than has hosted thousands of plays. Many top actors and actresses have passed through here, including Mark Twain, W.C. Fields and the infamous John Wilkes Booth. But a few of these thespians may still be hanging around the theatre. It’s believed that the ghosts of Sara Bernhardt and former silent movie start Marie Cahill still call the theatre home. Apparitions have been spotted by numerous guests throughout the theatre. Actors and workers at the theatre have also witnessed pianos playing themselves and have heard phantom applause.

When doing construction years back these amazing purple stones were found upon the grounds. They were kept by Marian Molley for years, until she passed them on to her granddaughter, Beth, who had that set in New York City into this exquisite bracelet... she wore this all the time and had a phenomenal career as a pianist... never having any formal training. She used to always tell people that the bracelet brought her talent.

She passed away in 2009, and we were lucky enough to get this amazing piece! It truly does bring forth theatrical and muscial talent to the person who adorns it. This is a grand piece that is bold and beautiful.

Some men have inquired about it, but did not want to wear the piece... so we tested it also just hanging on a belt loop, and Marsha, one tester, still showcased new talents in vocal and dance abilities that she never had before!

** So this is a great piece for women, or men... and can be hidden under a shirt attached to a belt loop, or placed in your pocket, if you do not want to actually wear it -- if you are a man ~


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