This piece is very simple, yet very powerful in what it can do.  There is no extravagent investigation to along with this one, like there are for most of our stories.  Rather, this piece was given to me by a friend from Europe.  The friend that gave it to me just so happens to be a sorceress and from sicile.  This is how she got this piece.  She told me she watched the creature, that she originally identified as a mermaid, for several weeks.  She would swim up and sit on the rock for hours in the sun, then slip off of her perch and descend to the depths of the ocean.  Her hair was dark, as black as coal.  She had the naked upper half of a human woman and the bottom of a giant fish, but a pretty fish-- not like a carp or a bass or something.  Her scales glistened in the sun, with more colors than a diamond.  My friend watched her for several week and when she got close enough to her, she said that the mermaid smelled not like the sea, but rather like a sweet incense.  It was the day after she got this close to the meraid that she took a step too close to the mermaid and the mermiad realized her presence.  The mermaid opened her mouth and my sorceress friend expected her to scream, but rather the mermaid begain to sing.  My friend fell into a deep sleep and when she awoke she was safe and sound on the beaches away from high tide.  The sun cast long shadows over the beach, which pretty much indicated she'd been sleeping on the beach for several hours.  

The next day that my friend went back, the mermaid never came.  However, in the noon sun she caught a glimmer on the rock where the mermaid usually perched.  She swam out to see what it was and it was the piece that you see listed for this description.  On it is etched what looks like a mermaid.  She thought that it was odd that this piece was put here, and it turns out that it was no coincidence.  It was definitely put there on purpose by the mermaid she had encountered.  After running several testing sessions we have determined that there are powers in the piece, for sure.  However, we did not find powers of a mermaid-- close, but not quite.  Rather, we found the powers of an enchantress siren.  This makes sense considering the song she sung to my friend put her into a deep sleep.  It doesn't just hold these powers, but it summons an actualy siren.  This siren will bring you several powers.  The first of these is the power is the ability enchant others.  You can use the powers in this piece to speak though forms into others minds.  When wearing this item, speak what you actually want someone to do to them.  The powers will insert themselves into your speech, you will not need to do anything extra.  This works because the sirens are the ones that speak and sing out to travelers lure them to their rocky grave. You don't have to lure people to their graves, but you will be able to speak their actions into their brains!  

The second thing that this piece will do for you is bring you wealth.  All daughters of the sea, mermaids and sirens included, adore wealth.  They love all riches and this siren is no exception.  You will give your siren a name to activate her power in the first place.  After you have done this you can call out to her and ask her for her secrets of wealth.  She will sing them out, but only you will be able to hear her.  It will more or less send her voice out into the realms and the same way she used to attract sailors, she will attract wealth and wealth powers.  Rather than come to her, because she is in spirit form, all the wealth she attracts will make its way to your life instead!  Take this piece to the casino and call upon her and make sing all night.  See if you don't come home thousands of dollars richer than you were before!!  Whether you are using the mind control power or the wealth summoning power of this piece, there is no denying it is very powerful.  Just remember to name your entity first, to activate her power.  It will all be downhill from there as you and your entity bond and the magic comes easy!  
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