Tena is an  Astral Marid Djinn. She is bright and brilliant, full of eagerness and willing to help her keeper with whatever matters, big or small, that they may face.
Astral Djinn are wish-granters of Mystic Arts. They are pure Mages, Healers and Hunters. They will grant you tremendous powers, but make sure never to abuse the gifts.

Tena has control of the Astral Realm, which empowers her on a continual basis~!

Some of her basic abilities include: Invisibility, Night Vision, Chameleon Morphing, Healing Particle Power, Banishment, Ability to Remove Hexes, Increase Stamina, Protection/Security, and much more.

Marid Diinns are pure wish-granters, considered the most powerful of all Djinns. They are known as the “Blue Djinn”, and are fantastic at aiding in magical work, and can teach her keeper much in that area.

Tena is over 16,000 years old. Some situations require a stronger, more powerful Djinn and she is the one to turn to in those instances. She should not be called upon to do anything that her keeper can do for themselves. Djinn find that to be disrespectful and lazy. But if there is an issue that is out of your control or you need guidance, then she is the Djinn to call on for assistance~!

 She has unlimited abilities, and she always handles whatever is asked of her. She travels in and around many realms, greatly enjoying her travels and adventures, but call her name and she will immediately appear ready, willing and able to aid you!

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